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I'm currently beginning research that involves an aspect of Professional Development (PD) for Mathematics teachers, but I don't have much experience or knowledge of PD. What are some of the seminal works on PD for Mathematics teachers that I can include in my Literature Review?

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In terms of researchers who I am personally familiar with: I would recommend work by Orit Zaslavsky.

From her NYU-Steinhardt bio:

Orit Zaslavsky's research focuses on mathematics teacher education. She has been among the first scholars to study the development of teacher-educators, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Within this broad research domain, she has investigated and conceptualized the nature of productive mathematics-related tasks and examples.

A search in google scholar here has as its top two citations:

Zaslavsky, O., & Leikin, R. (2004). Professional development of mathematics teacher educators: Growth through practice. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 7(1), 5-32.


Zaslavsky, O., Chapman, O., & Leikin, R. (2003). Professional development of mathematics educators: Trends and tasks. In Second international handbook of mathematics education (pp. 877-917). Springer Netherlands.

For mathematics teachers in general (as opposed to mathematics teacher-educators) see if you can track down the 1994 NCTM yearbook, which had as its focus (and title) "Professional Development for Teachers of Mathematics." It's already 20 years old, but should provide a good starting point.

(Incidentally, checking google scholar for articles on PD that cite the '94 yearbook yields the latter of Zaslavsky's articles cited above as the first result.)

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