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Top new questions this week:

Favorite secondary math manipulatives?

I read this is the mathematics educators stack exchange so hopefully this is the right place for this question. I was curious what is your favorite math toys, manipulatives, math games, or tools to ...

secondary-education manipulatives  
asked by randomgirl 5 votes
answered by kcrisman 5 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Are soroban (Japanese abacus) classes worth doing?

The companies that run these expensive abacus programs for children claim it has all kinds of benefits for their mathematics abilities and speed. Apparently it starts with a child learning the ...

primary-education arithmetic  
asked by Humanities Guy 4 votes
answered by Tommi Brander 9 votes

How to handle the situation when you made a stupid mistake in front of the class?

I don't know whether you guys have made a similar experience but it just happened to me: I made a very stupid mistake in front of the class. I can't really tell you how it happened and I feel too ...

asked by vonjd 35 votes
answered by Benjamin Dickman 31 votes

What's a replacement for "married couples" in combinatorics problems?

Many counting problems start with the assumption that we have a certain number of men and women or a certain number of couples, with the assumption (often unstated) being that that gender is binary ...

mathematical-pedagogy examples mathematics-in-daily-life  
asked by Mathprof 68 votes
answered by Daniel R. Collins 81 votes

Should college mathematics always be taught in such a way that real world applications are always included?

I am teaching Linear Algebra this semester with the textbook Introduction to Linear Algebra by Serge Lang and most (perhaps all?) my students are not majoring in mathematics. As I was carefully ...

undergraduate-education linear-algebra applications applied-mathematics  
asked by Zuriel 30 votes
answered by Wrzlprmft 35 votes

What are good survey questions for statistics students to ask each other in class?

I think this is a nontrivial question, because to avoid embarrassment or singling-out, I cannot ask students about: their age anything about their body (height, weight) anything involving money ...

examples statistics  
asked by Chris Cunningham 15 votes
answered by JPBurke 8 votes

How to deal with a "protest" assignment?

I just received one assignment (by email) from a student. Out of 6 questions, "I don't know" is the answer to 4 of them. There is also a comment at the end of the assignment which suggests my ...

undergraduate-education assessment  
asked by ablmf 17 votes
answered by guest 45 votes

Software to create video tutorial of mathematics topics

I came across many video tutorials on youtube regarding mathematics. I found this video amazingly simple to understand for students. I want to know about the tool/software used for it or similar ...

technology-in-education tutoring software  
asked by user 26 votes
answered by Adrienne 15 votes
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