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Top new questions this week:

Big list of "interesting" abstract vector spaces

When introducing an abstraction it is important (in my opinion) to have a wide variety of examples of this abstraction. Since finite dimensional real vector spaces are classified up to isomorphism by ...

examples linear-algebra big-list  
asked by Steven Gubkin 32 votes
answered by mweiss 19 votes

Making the leap from Pre-Calculus to Calculus

This question is targeted at teachers who taught both low and high level mathematics. I have a group of students that I'm currently teaching precalculus and they seem to be doing really well in all ...

secondary-education mathematical-pedagogy calculus  
asked by Misha Shklyar 5 votes
answered by Matthew Daly 8 votes

Creating an Engaging Class Atmosphere

I would like to start out next year by creating a classroom community. This year I noticed a lot of burnout towards the second half of the year. Basically, I want to see what kinds of games/activities ...

secondary-education mathematical-pedagogy student-motivation  
asked by Misha Shklyar 5 votes
answered by Sue VanHattum 10 votes

Teaching Mathematics to a Machine Learning Class

How and what mathematics must be taught for training engineering students with the mathematics required for Machine Learning? How can one conduct training of mathematics required for application-...

undergraduate-education engineering-mathematics  
asked by Aatmaj 5 votes
answered by Joseph O'Rourke 6 votes

How to get student with ADHD to practice exercises consistently

Background I have recently started tutoring a 14-year-old student who is diagnosed with ADHD and was struggling with passing a basic math course (think basic linear equations systems, first and second ...

secondary-education spain  
asked by user2891462 4 votes

Undergraduate-level abstract algebra books or courses that don't start with groups or rings

When I was an undergrad studying abstract algebra, we used the second edition of Artin and covered groups first and then rings. Fields, vector spaces, and algebras came later, I think. I remember ...

undergraduate-education abstract-algebra  
asked by Gregory Nisbet 3 votes
answered by Daniel R. Collins 0 votes

Peter Liljedahl "Thinking Classroom" pedagogy: what is evidence for its effectiveness?

Peter Liljedahl discusses a lot about "thinking classrooms". There is research and books, which show, that his methods transform classes from "non-thinking" to "thinking"....

grading general-pedagogy classroom-management classroom-interaction  
asked by danbst 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What female mathematician can I introduce to my High School students?

I enjoy talking about Pythagoras when I teach the Pythagorean theorem. I sometimes mention Descartes when introducing Cartesian coordinates. And Leibniz and Newton are mentioned in many calculus ...

secondary-education examples history women  
asked by David Ebert 94 votes
answered by Brian Rushton 83 votes

Unique candidate that fails

In the comments to David Speyer's answer here, he points out that "the distinction between 'if there is a formula, it is this one' and 'this formula works' is subtle." Does anyone have any simple, ...

undergraduate-education mathematical-pedagogy  
asked by Steven Gubkin 87 votes
answered by quid 81 votes

Why do we teach complex numbers?

In algebra II, USA, we teach our students complex numbers. However, after algebra II, they never use complex numbers until pretty much complex analysis. The whole point of teaching them complex ...

algebra teaching applied-mathematics applications complex-numbers  
asked by Simply Beautiful Art 37 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 56 votes

How to handle the situation when you made a stupid mistake in front of the class?

I don't know whether you guys have made a similar experience but it just happened to me: I made a very stupid mistake in front of the class. I can't really tell you how it happened and I feel too ...

asked by vonjd 35 votes
answered by Benjamin Dickman 31 votes

Why is learning mathematics compulsory?

In most education systems, Mathematics is a compulsory subject from primary school all the way to the start of university. A common reason given is that essential concepts like addition and ...

secondary-education curriculum  
asked by Axel Tong 40 votes
answered by Ben Crowell 73 votes

Quote to show students don't have to fear making mistakes

I have some high school students which seem to be afraid of making mistakes. They are hesitant to make exercises in class because they want their course notes to be super clean, without any mistakes. ...

secondary-education students-mistakes big-list  
asked by dietervdf 31 votes
answered by Joseph O'Rourke 25 votes

How to deal with a "protest" assignment?

I just received one assignment (by email) from a student. Out of 6 questions, "I don't know" is the answer to 4 of them. There is also a comment at the end of the assignment which suggests my ...

undergraduate-education assessment  
asked by ablmf 17 votes
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