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Top new questions this week:

Bridging the gap between students' intuitive problem-solving abilities and expressing ideas through formal writing

Seeking guidance on how to assist students who possess a solid grasp of problem-solving concepts, allowing them to intuitively arrive at solutions, yet encounter difficulties when it comes to ...

undergraduate-education mathematical-pedagogy proofs  
user avatar asked by user1258481 Score of 7
user avatar answered by Justin Skycak Score of 6

Loaning students calculators during exams

Context: I am an associate professor at a small liberal arts institution in the US. I find in my introductory business math course that students sometimes fail to buy a calculator for the course, ...

undergraduate-education student-motivation exams calculators  
user avatar asked by AegisCruiser Score of 6
user avatar answered by Daniel R. Collins Score of 8

Any examples of calculus sequence that deemphasizes calculation tricks?

I'm considering creating a series of classes that explore deeper ideas in calculus without overemphasizing the various computational tricks used in integration and differentiation. My vision is ...

undergraduate-education calculus vector-calculus  
user avatar asked by Bilbo Score of 6
user avatar answered by user52817 Score of 14

Special topics for introductory probability

I am helping to design a low-level college course whose purpose is to teach critical thinking, logic, finance and probability. I have been tasked with developing the probability section. I am ...

undergraduate-education secondary-education algebra course-design probability  
user avatar asked by dt688 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Kevin P. Costello Score of 6

Which Books Comprised The Houghton Mifflin Modern Mathematics Series

Around the 1960s a collection of math books by authors such as Mary P. Dolciani, William Wooton, Edwin F. Beckenbach, Ray C. Jurgensen etc. started to appear which were part of a series of books ...

user avatar asked by fire-bee Score of 2

"Tools" (literarily) for solving linear or quadratic equations

Since a few weeks, I teach as a tutor (not from that school) a support course in a German 9/10 class. I quickly noticed a horrible lack of basics. (Partly based on just different names - I had to ...

undergraduate-education mathematical-pedagogy reference-request germany  
user avatar asked by Hauke Reddmann Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to explain that integral calculate areas?

I teach internal combustion engines theory in a technical school. I have an elementary knowledge of calculus and my students lack even this. I want to intuitively explain them what is the pdV integral,...

user avatar asked by Larsa se eidaklaxtarsa Score of 6
user avatar answered by user52817 Score of 10

Ideas for high school pure maths projects

I am thinking of giving my high school students some pure maths projects to do. It is a lot easier to think of some interesting stats projects but not in pure maths. The students' maths background are ...

secondary-education examples  
user avatar asked by user71346 Score of 25
user avatar answered by Benjamin Dickman Score of 14

What value is there in requiring students to answer word problems in complete sentences?

This is related to my previous question What value is there in requiring students to declare the dimensions of an answer when it is already clear from context? , but with a different focus. A sizeable ...

secondary-education primary-education grading language-use word-problems  
user avatar asked by Robert Columbia Score of 29
user avatar answered by Jochen Glueck Score of 41

How to handle the situation when you made a stupid mistake in front of the class?

I don't know whether you guys have made a similar experience but it just happened to me: I made a very stupid mistake in front of the class. I can't really tell you how it happened and I feel too ...

user avatar asked by vonjd Score of 35
user avatar answered by Benjamin Dickman Score of 31

Optimization problems that today's students might actually encounter?

Our students are not fencing in farm fields, cutting wires and folding them, or designing windows, so they are often uninspired by the optimization problems we give them. They seem like something that ...

calculus examples concept-motivation constrained-optimization  
user avatar asked by Chris Cunningham Score of 58
user avatar answered by Jim Belk Score of 39

Is this homework problem on counting triangles within a 4x4 grid too vague?

My six-year old daughter was given this maths problem for her homework: Given a regular square grid of 4 × 4 dots, how many different triangles with one dot in the middle can you draw? We were ...

geometry homework  
user avatar asked by Bob Tway Score of 31
user avatar answered by NiloCK Score of 66

How do I show students the Beauty of Mathematics?

I teach many high school students, and all of them complain about being unable to fully understand mathematical concepts. I try to show them the joy of learning and deepen their understanding through ...

secondary-education student-motivation teaching  
user avatar asked by Axel Tong Score of 38
user avatar answered by ruferd Score of 37
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