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Top new questions this week:

The Future of Worksheets - will they still be used or abandoned?

I run a German website for mathematics education. We produce lessons, each of which contains various kinds of media, such as an introduction, videos, wikis, software, worksheets, and online tests. We ...

teaching writing  
asked by Kai Noack 9 votes
answered by guest 15 votes

How much does it cost to develop an online course?

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, and other local problems, we are seeing the need of developing most of our teaching online. Just "do a class like always" (but with no blackboard) via some network ...

undergraduate-education technology-in-education online-instruction  
asked by vonbrand 3 votes
answered by guest 10 votes

The spatial thinking course for primary school - what to use?

We're planning to run the project for first two grades of the elementary school kids, in which we want to facilitate the spatial thinking development along with the regular arithmetic course and make ...

mathematical-pedagogy primary-education mathematics-in-daily-life critical-thinking  
asked by paus 2 votes

Online testing platform

What are good and free online testing platforms for mathematics? Is there any who can easily display math formulas? Any allowing LaTeX code? Apparently the only way to insert formulas in Google Forms ...

asked by Marco Disce 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are triangles so prevalent in high school geometry?

A colleague and I recently discussed what we call the "Triangle Trap." High school geometry covers a very large unit reflecting the common core: Classifying Triangles Triangle Angle Properties ...

secondary-education curriculum geometry  
asked by Will Schwartz 33 votes
answered by Guntram Blohm supports Monica 19 votes

How to give my students a straightedge instead of a ruler

I'm having a "challenge" in my geometry classes getting students to avoid using rulers as measuring devices in constructions. As natural as that usage is, they're only supposed to use them to connect ...

geometry constructions  
asked by Matthew Daly 28 votes
answered by Xander Henderson 17 votes

Should we teach simple content quickly or slowly?

The title might be a bit not specific, so let me give an example. In China, Japan, Korea, etc, there is a type of problem about chickens (or crane, or anything with two legs) and rabbits (4 legs) in ...

asked by Ma Joad 14 votes
answered by Jessica B 11 votes

Should high school teachers say “real numbers” before teaching complex numbers?

Before complex numbers are introduced in senior high school courses, should we emphasise that solutions (e.g. to quadratic equations) are real solutions? If we do, then when non-real numbers finally ...

mathematical-pedagogy terminology real-numbers  
asked by lukejanicke 13 votes
answered by Xander Henderson 23 votes

Which method of combining ratios is ‘better’?

Given that:- (1) a : b = 5 : 24, and (2) b : c = 16 : 7 In getting the combined ratio a : b : c, there are two approaches:- Method 1: 1.1 Rewrite (1) as a : b = 5*16 : 24*16 = 80 : 384 1.2 Rewrite ...

asked by Mick 5 votes

Optimization problems that today's students might actually encounter?

Our students are not fencing in farm fields, cutting wires and folding them, or designing windows, so they are often uninspired by the optimization problems we give them. They seem like something that ...

calculus examples concept-motivation constrained-optimization  
asked by Chris Cunningham 52 votes
answered by Jim Belk 31 votes

What female mathematician can I introduce to my High School students?

I enjoy talking about Pythagoras when I teach the Pythagorean theorem. I sometimes mention Descartes when introducing Cartesian coordinates. And Leibniz and Newton are mentioned in many calculus ...

secondary-education examples history women  
asked by David Ebert 87 votes
answered by Brian Rushton 79 votes
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