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Top new questions this week:

How does the average level of expected mathematical sophistication at Highschool level increase?

I remember reading some old Calculus book (1920-1930 time) and in the pre-face it was written it was being revolutionary in being one which could be used to teach in highschool out of. Nowadays, that ...

curriculum teaching history history-of-math  
asked by A plate of momos Score of 5

How to let students answer a Moodle Quiz by typing (or pasting) LaTeX code?

Good morning, I use Moodle for Mathematics High Schools Students. They have to reply to questions by writing some short formulas. I've not yet figured out a way of doing this without installing ...

asked by RobertCode Score of 3

How to study for a mathematics undergraduate entrance examination?

TL;DR: Tell me which topics should i study the most, based on this three tests: Mathematics (A): 2020 2019 2018 This question may sound a bit weird, since the natural answer would be "study ...

asked by Carlos Score of 3
answered by Sue VanHattum Score of 3

Simple way to explain Sine theorem applications

what is the simplest way to explain how to determine whether the resolution of a triangle (finding all its sides and angles, given 3 of them) using the sine theorem gives one or two solutions and ...

asked by Luna Score of 3
answered by ryang Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

topics for an undergraduate Math seminar

What are some good topics for an undergraduate Math seminar? I am looking for topics which are: Approachable for at least second or third year students and beyond (The students have taken all of the ...

undergraduate-education presentation seminar  
asked by Tom Score of 14
answered by Anamaki Score of 6

Quote to show students don't have to fear making mistakes

I have some high school students which seem to be afraid of making mistakes. They are hesitant to make exercises in class because they want their course notes to be super clean, without any mistakes. ...

secondary-education students-mistakes big-list  
asked by dietervdf Score of 31

What are good survey questions for statistics students to ask each other in class?

I think this is a nontrivial question, because to avoid embarrassment or singling-out, I cannot ask students about: their age anything about their body (height, weight) anything involving money ...

examples statistics  
asked by Chris Cunningham Score of 15
answered by JPBurke Score of 8

Given a 3 4 5 triangle, how do you know that it is a right triangle?

Without knowing the Pythagorean theorem, and in presenting reasons why the theorem might be true (without giving a full proof), is there any way to give examples of triangles that are intuitively ...

geometry visual-proof  
asked by Mitch Score of 27
answered by MichaelS Score of 23

Should LaTeX be taught in high school?

This semester, I was forced to learn LaTeX for my Real Analysis class. The professor wanted all homework assignments to be typed in LaTeX in order to produce "high-quality" work. At first I was ...

secondary-education course-design curriculum computer-programs latex  
asked by FoiledIt24 Score of 27
answered by Joseph O'Rourke Score of 28

How is calculus helpful for biology majors?

It's common for majors in biology to take calculus courses, and many calculus textbooks (and calculus professors) try to cater to these students by including applications to biology. My question is, ...

undergraduate-education course-design calculus biology  
asked by Jim Belk Score of 43
answered by Adrienne Score of 42

What is the mathematical value of children learning and being tested on Roman numerals?

My 11 year old child recently took an important numeracy test. One of the questions required her to know that M = 1000 in Roman numerals. This made me very angry: I could not see how this relatively ...

testing test-design  
asked by Bob Tway Score of 32
answered by Paul92 Score of 72
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