OMR in exit tickets

I plan to use an OMR, Optical Mark Recognition systems at the end of (some of) my classes. I want to use the same OMR system for exit tickets scattered over the academic year (not necessarily on exiting every class).

At present I am looking into SDAPS for building the forms in LaTEX and for registerering the printed, hand-filled-in forms. There are other OMS systems, though, supporting automated registering of marked paper forms.

Teacher making the marks - student answering open questions

My plan is to provide open questions and white space in order for the student to answer in writing (and drawing), while the fields preprinted for marking are reserved for the teacher's feedback. Draft form Here, of course the white space for answer may need to be enlarged. Cosider the above screendump as a draft.


By training handwriting for assessment, I want to take the tool (Maple, TI-NSpire, ...) out of the solution and inviting the student to focus on the theory, the mathematical principles.

By posing the question and collecting responses, I want to tell the class as a group of students why focus is where it is in the next session.

By registering the marks, I want the student to feel recognized.

- But how?

Would OMR be the way for me to go towards my objective of giving fast and visible feedback to students and registering individual levels of skills for guidance (and assessment)? Or would some other way be far more obvious?

Having experience with using LaTEX packages such as tasks and exsheets, what would be a good choice for me implementing an OMR? Which OMR would you recommend, why?

What is considered good practice regarding such questionnaires? I mean regarding the language (including use of mathematical notation and diagrams) in questions, and in the requested answers indicated by the form layout?

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    Could you explain how OMR (i.e. the test form in the Wikipedia link you gave), where students just mark the right answer and don't give any explanation or proof works together with "training handwriting" and "focus on theory"? – Dirk Liebhold Aug 6 at 12:35
  • @dirk: Certainly, I edited my question to accomodte your clarifying question. – Engelsmann Aug 6 at 14:10

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