As you know, Art of Problem Solving includes 11 books that comes with their solutions and they are PreAlgebra, Introduction to Algebra, Introduction to Counting and Probability, Introduction to Geometry, Introduction to Number Theory, Intermediate Algebra, Intermediate Counting and Probability, Precalculus, Calculus, Problem Solving Volume 1: The Basics, Problem Solving Volume 2: And Beyond

I desperately need to raise my mathematics skills to the highest level possible. I have heard good reputation from Art of Problem Solving. Many people said it provides in-depth and thorough analysis of mathematics which is exactly I’m searching for a long time. To what extent is this true? And does it fully covers engineering mathematics topics at university level?

I am considering ordering all of these books with their solutions and have it shipped to my country (I am in Egypt outside of US) . The total cost is $810 including international shipping and other fees. Do you think AoPS will not fall short of my expectations? For those who read it, I would appreciate a lot if you would write down in-depth review, and if you include one or two small examples from any of the 11 books so I can have a sense of it .

Also, If you think there are similar or better books than AoPS, then please tell me.


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    $\begingroup$ 1. I don't know it. 2. I would consider to just buy one or two and see how you like them. 3. Consider Schaum's Outline instead. Very user friendly, tried and tested, and geared to people trying to raise grades (versus enriching or looking for hardest problems). $\endgroup$ – guest Sep 11 '18 at 21:19
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    $\begingroup$ These seems off-topic to me. That said: My understanding is that the AoPS books are mostly targeted at high school students participating in Math Olympiads and the like (my son is working through the pre-algebra one right now and it has a lot of those kinds of problems). I like that it emphasizes the big picture, explanation and proofs but those things suggest to me that maybe these books are not what you're looking for. I do like Schaum's Outlines, seconding @guest's recommendation. They certainly are better suited for folks studying college-level mathematics for engineering. $\endgroup$ – ncr Sep 12 '18 at 3:13