I need to comment on this topic. I think it indirectly asks about the importance of Mathematics in higher education.

Am I correct ?

Kindly provide the desired arguments.

Thanks& regards

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    – Sue VanHattum
    Feb 17 '19 at 5:16

It's a de facto filter but not, in general, an improper filter (designed as an artificial hurdle). You really can't process physics or engineering without mathematical skill. If anything, math training supports science and engineering, especially physics, because you it is hard to learn new math only within word problems. Of course math is difficult and some people drop by the wayside but this is mostly not an artificial weeder, just the nature of the difficulty.

Of course, you can look at individual areas (do nurses amd doctors really need calculus) and wonder if curriculums are too hard versus the task and are just an artificial weeder (like Latin and Greek for British army officers at one time). But it's an argument on the margin. In general, the math requirements are reasonable. Just math is hard.


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