This is a question more about education in general than math education but there is no general education Stack Exchange website so I decided to write this question here. If this question is more suitable for Academia Stack Exchange, feel free to tell me so and move it there.

I Google searched something like "why is education in finland so good" and the article at https://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/why-are-finlands-schools-successful-49859555/ came up as the first search result and I read the whole thing and it still didn't solve my problem. Google has a good search engine so if its first result didn't solve my problems, it's probably very hard and maybe even impossible to find a web page or scientific journal written in English that solves my problem. I think the Google Chrome option of translating a page into English is unreliable because that page will not appear the way an expert in the topic would have written it in English if they knew English.

I read on the internet that Finland has the best or nearly the best education system in the world. I'm sure that there are researchers out there who have the details of how teachers teach in elementry school in Finland and why it works so well, although there may not be any web pages in English giving those details. What I'm hoping for is for somebody to do find out from some of those researchers the right information about how teachers in Finland teach in elementry school then will then enable him or her to write an answer that gives a detailed description of how they teach in Finland and clearly explains to me the reason why it works so well.

I also read that one possible contribution to their students learning so well as that they are given lots of time to play during school. The web page at https://www.whitbyschool.org/passionforlearning/how-do-children-learn-through-play seems to claim that kids can probably in theory learn really well through play. If possible, I would also like to know if part of the contribution of Finnish students learning so well in school comes from them being given lots of time to play during school. I would like to know if Finnish students learn really well through play specifically for the following reason. They have the right combination of learned knowledge and play set up to do quite an insanely good job of learning through play. Maybe they aren't technically learning through play but are using their own method of thinking during play time because they are free from the distraction of being taught how to do things the way the teacher is teaching them. They know their own method of thinking better than does anyone else. When they are playing, they are free to use their own method of thinking. Their brains get trained to use the creative thinking approach to get really good at using their own method of thinking during play time.

If possible, I would also like to know whether some of the success in Finnish education comes from the teacher discussing topics with the student in a research based way, with the details of how they do it that explains to me clearly why it actually works so well.

If all such satisfactory explanations for me would be as long as an entire book, an answer that explains why that is so will also do. Also if any satisfactory explanation would be too long, feel free to link me a big long scientific journal or book or published paper or something like that that provides a satisfactory answer to my question in English if you can find one or in Finnish if you can't find one in English. One written in Finnish might still be useful because some day, I may do my own research to find out what that web page or book is actually saying, clearly stating why you think the thing you linked me which is written in Finnish would solve my problem if I found out what it was actually saying.

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    $\begingroup$ What did you put in Google? There seems to be a copy/paste error in the question. $\endgroup$ – Jasper Apr 10 at 5:32
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    $\begingroup$ Related: matheducators.stackexchange.com/questions/15445/… $\endgroup$ – Tommi Brander Apr 10 at 5:39
  • $\begingroup$ answer I was looking for. What do you think? You probably have some information that I don't. $\endgroup$ – Timothy Apr 11 at 18:11
  • $\begingroup$ @TommiBrander You're right. That's not actually what I Google searched but I'm not sure anymore exactly what phrase I searched. Also sometimes when I'm writing an email, I make a mistake and my typing is too fast and I don't take the time to think properly and write the wrong word in one spot. I choose not to get helped by grammerly because if I get helped by it, I may never learn how to not rely on it to not make those mistakes and may prevent myself from becoming smarter and writing more organized email messages. $\endgroup$ – Timothy Apr 11 at 19:11
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    $\begingroup$ You're assuming, Timothy, based on "word of mouth" that the education system in Finland IS "so good". I think the only relevant question is the one that @TommiBrander. Please research a bit more before posting questions with opinions you assume are true. Also, what do you define as "so good"? $\endgroup$ – Namaste Apr 16 at 21:57

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