I'm looking for some animations (videos or gifs) of finding the volume of different 3d shapes. It would be super helpful if I could find something which stacks unit cubes into a rectangular prism to find how many of these unit cubes are able to fill up the entire prism. This concept leads into base area * height which leads into deriving the formula for a cylinder.

If anyone has anything, I'd greatly appreciate it!



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This is a bit beyond what you had in mind, but here are some GIF visualizations of the volume of cones and pyramids.

When I was trying to understand why cones and pyramid are one third the volume of prisms and cylinder's, this visualization of Euclid's proof helped me. Unfortunately, the Java applet no longer works (at least in my browser).

When I taught these volume formulae, I found that geometric solid manipulatives that fill with water to be a good teaching tool.

Last, your students mind find some these online virtual volume manipulatives helpful.


These are a bit slow for my tastes, but ...

(1) Box a.k.a. Rectangular Prism (YourTube link):


(2) Cylinder (ck12.org link):



Khan academy has a pretty good exercise covering this


Displays a rectangular prism which is precut into $n$ slices, by color.

Asks how many slices there are, how many cubes in each slice, and finally how many total cubes.


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