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Humanistic mathematics classroom physical activities [closed]

Teaching mathematics from a humanistic perspective, known as "Humanistic mathematics," offers a rich opportunity to integrate mathematics and humanism meaningfully. It is very much important ...
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Engaging in a puzzle without a guidance of a leader while simultaneously being a component of that puzzle

I have done couple of activities and experienced how interestingly students are engaging. At the end I explained the Mathematical concepts related to the activities. Here I'm suggesting two of those, ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Engaging Mathematical Riddles for Classroom Enrichment: examples and impact studies references

Hello fellow educators and math enthusiasts, I am on the hunt for entertaining and thought-provoking mathematical riddles suitable for a classroom setting. My objective is to find riddles that not ...
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Utillizing Lakatos' "Proofs and Refutations" in Secondary Education

These days I am reading Imre Lakatos's Proofs and Refutations and I can't stop thinking how one could utilize it in the classroom (mostly high school). Some stray half-baked ideas I have had so far ...
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Activities that encourage students to create or evaluate mathematical notations

I'm looking for references about activities that encourage elementary school students to create or evaluate mathematical notations. do you know any?
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Discrete Probability Modeling with Desmos or Spreadsheets

In my Finite Math course* almost every section includes a part where students have to create a file (from scratch) in Desmos or in Google Sheets. For example, they use Desmos to plot piecewise linear ...
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Lateral thinking in mathematics

Especially in mathematics, we give a set of definitions and rules, and ask our students to prove a particular statement or to solve equations or inequalities. By this kind of system we limit students ...
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