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For questions about giving advice to students in general, as well as advising a student's thesis.

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Importance of asking questions in a mathematics class

It is observed many times that students do not ask the right questions in the classroom. They just attend the lectures passively. Rather than asking the questions o get their doubt cleared, they ...
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Start drawing a graph

I want to give to my students instructions/advises for drawing (directed) graphs (with few nodes, less than 15) in draft mode (before drawing final one on the official test paper). But I really have ...
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How do I learn advanced mathematics without forgetting?

I am pursuing mathematics through distance education and I find that it takes me a long time to understand the concepts (e.g. sigma fields, measure theory, connected topological spaces, etc.). After I ...
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Grad school after doing an online bachelor's degree without support for undergraduate research

[I originally posted this is the Mathematics Stack Exchange and was told to post it here instead] This might seem like an odd topic for this forum, but I'm losing my mind. I am about eight months away ...
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Enlighten younger students about the concept of "procedural justice" in mathematics?

I am tutoring a 16-year-old student from my home country (in Asia) in, roughly speaking, precalculus. I would like to give him a feeling of procedural justice, so to speak, in modern mathematics, ...
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Subject advice in Number Theory [closed]

At my University, we have the optional feature to write a project like a Bachelor Thesis. This semester have finished and I would like to work in the summer in project like this. So, I'm searching for ...
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Complex Variables for Engineers versus Ordinary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra difficulty [closed]

Which course is harder for students? Complex variables designed for engineers/ scientists or odes+linear algebra course for Engineers/Scientists?
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How can I (failing Cambridge's BA Math) improve my grade to a 1st from a 3rd-class honours?

In my first-year exam for the BA Maths at the University of Cambridge in June 2017, I was the only one in my College to score a shameful 3rd Class Honours (in the past 20 years). My College warned ...
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Will the low-achieving children always be there?

I understand that the question in the title, and of course, the longer version of the question (below) is too broad and subject to being closed. Will the low-achieving children always be there, ...
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When should an advisor assess a student's knowledge independently of their course grades?

In the role of an advisor, I am often faced with the question Should I retake this [undergraduate] math class? My first-order approximation to the answer is: If this is your last math class, a C ...
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Summer opportunities for math undergrads as an alternative to REU

I am currently helping my advisees (undergraduate math majors) plan their summer. As the obvious option, they've already applied to lots of REUs (some have gotten in and others not heard a positive ...
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Teaching how to read and translate word problems

High school students have a lot of trouble understanding word problems, and I don't know how to help them. It's been too long since I've had trouble understanding usual word problems, so when I read ...
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How to propose subjects for bachelor's theses?

I have recently ended up in a position where I can supervise bachelor's and master's theses, and there has been some discussion in my research group of organizing thesis supervision within the group. ...
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9 answers

What to do with students who think they "already know it," but actually don't?

Many students take calculus or algebra courses in high school, then later take college courses of the same name. There are various reasons for this, but in most cases the students in a college ...
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2 answers

Students who have succeeded before but are not succeeding now

Here is a common process I witness in office hours: Student struggles with a difficult concept. Student gains understanding of the concept. Student, now bewildered since the concept is mastered, ...
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How does an advisor effectively motivate progress on an independent project?

When an excellent student is working on an honors or independent study project, the advisor's job is to not only serve as the content expert, but also to motivate the student to complete the project. ...
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How to encourage women to study mathematics?

What are different ways we can get women to study mathematics? In my own experience, the higher the math class, the less women in the class. Most women tend to go on the math education track and do ...
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When is it more advantaged for students to stop attending lectures? What to do then?

Under what situations is it more productive for math students to stop attending lectures and learn the material alternatively? What are some remedies? I originally posed this as an Example Question.
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Books/(auto)biographies/references on how mathematicians study/studied (as students)?

As Geoff Pointer commented: [...] As a composer I've learnt a lot from studying famous composers why wouldn't that also apply to studying maths and mathematicians of note as well? [...] Are there ...
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What is the ideal course sequence for an advanced student of mathematics?

Suppose that you meet a student who: has a firm grasp of algebra and trigonometry and is at least moderately intelligent has read a book such as Love and Math by Edward Frenkel so has some ...