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Questions tagged [calculus]

For questions applying to calculus courses. Topics include derivatives, integrals, limits, continuity, series, application questions, etc.

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Are there standard questions for testing how an instructor grades calculus?

My institution is now in the process of "standardizing" our calculus classes. One issue we have is the variation among instructors in grading problems. I am interested if there are ways to objectively ...
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Guided Lecture Notes for Calculus

Last semester I taught Linear Algebra using the standard textbook of Lay. Online one can find nice "class handouts" that serve very well as lecture notes for students to follow along with during class....
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How to recognize possible dyscalculia in a student?

I am looking for input/advice regarding whether a student I just began tutoring may have dyscalculia - and, if so, how to go about broaching the subject / assisting them as best as possible. I'd ...
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Is there ADA-compliance certification for mathematics text books?

What factors are there to consider when adopting a text as far as ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is concerned? Is there a certification? What do you look for in the digital version of the text? ...
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Which calculus textbook is aligned the most with the CollegeBoard course description?

The CollegeBoard website lists many AP calculus BC references. But it also mentions that "The materials on this List range in alignment from 59% to 100%." So, which of them is aligned the most with ...
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SMSG Calculus Usage?

Did anyone out there have experience with SMSG's Calculus text? Our school system (Amherst, MA) used SMSG texts from my 6th grade class onward. But for HS Calculus (1969) we didn't use the two-part ...
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What are your experiences with Buck’s Advanced Calculus?

I stumbled across the book when searching for rigorous alternatives to Rudin with some solutions. It’s an “old school” (1965) calculus text but, I think, covers similar material to Rudin in a more ...
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Generating exercises about extrema of $f(x,y)$

(I have asked this question on and according to a suggestion from comments I am re-asking it here.) I can generate many examples of functions $f(x,y)$ for which finding local ...
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a theorem to simplify continuity in Stewart's calculus: early transcendentals

I'm covering section 2.5 of Stewart (on continuity) and stewarts treatment seems needlessly complicated. It seems like the following theorem would streamline a lot of it: If $f(x)$ and $g(x)$ are ...
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what is the standard subdivision or classification of calculus related rates problems?

I am working on a project where I have to group/classify calculus problems. Now with most the calculus topics, it's usually obvious how it's divided in various textbooks, but when it comes to related ...
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History of business calculus/linear algebra curriculum

I will be teaching a combination of business calculus and business linear algebra, two classes that have been around awhile at my school. I’m assuming people are familiar with these types of classes. ...
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