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Online math quiz: students make short video explaining solution

I am teaching high school math. My students are generally hardworking and competent. Class sizes are about 35. We were recently forced online due to the pandemic, and I have been searching for a way ...
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Should I ask for a proof-of-work for online exam?

I am going to do an online exam next week. Since this will be done by students at home, there is no way to guarantee that they do not cheat. I am thinking of asking for a proof of work, i.e., photos ...
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Finding the Balance in a Math Question (Teaching)

As we try to work and teach in the midst of this pandemic, some problems arise when making online math exams. My question is simple: What could be an interesting basic differentiation question such ...
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What websites allow students to purchase solutions to problems?

I am a college instructor who's just had an outbreak of academic dishonesty connected to students posting take-home exam problems on a platform called Chegg. Chegg collects a membership fee from ...
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How do I track down the sources of solutions which students have used to cheat on exams?

I recently taught an introduction to real analysis. I assigned a (covid-induced) take-home final, which included the question: Define the set S by $$ \bigcup_{n=1}^\infty \left\{ \frac{a}{2^n}\...
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A student is cheating and I don't know how

I'm teaching a course at a community college called "Business Pre-Calculus", which is basically some varied rudimentary algebraic concepts integrated with some topics from basic economics and finance. ...
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How cheating on homework affects student questions

I am teaching Calculus 2 and 3 this semester from a common text, and a significant number of my students are handing in perfect homework assignments that are clearly copied from Chegg, et al. As ...
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Should I change my take-home exam policy because of one suspected cheater?

This is just the third semester I've been teaching, but I've been tutoring for many years. At the moment I'm teaching to community college students a "Business Calculus" course whose curriculum is ...
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Is it a good idea to use past questions in examinations?

When it comes to writing examinations, there are two options I am considering. Write the entire exam originally (which will of course mean some well-known proofs, thereby technically not making it ...
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