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What are some examples of mathematical errors in computer algebra systems (CAS)?

Computer algebra software is easily and freely available for students nowadays but they still have mathematical errors. For instance, ask them to solve the simple equation $a x - b = 0$ for $x$. The ...
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Is there a easy-to-use program that can make a GIF / Video in which an equation is transformed?

Is there a easy-to-use program that can make a GIF / Video in which an equation is transformed? Like this, which was make (via PPT > Transition > Morph), but ...
5 votes
3 answers

How to test student's skills in programming or using software?

I am going to teach an undergraduate statistics course next year. My plan is to spend less time on theory and a more time on teaching students to doing some statistics on computer. However, this ...
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If a computer could be programmed to do a math test, then should those tests be changed?

Not only do calculators have solving capabilities, but some computer programs or websites also provide step-by-step solutions to questions (here is WolframAlpha's). Although I understand a logical ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Graphing program for conceptualizing calculus

I'm taking integral calculus at the moment. I was understanding everything quite well until we started learning about finding volume of a solid of revolution. I understand the concept, but practicing ...
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10 answers

Should LaTeX be taught in high school?

This semester, I was forced to learn LaTeX for my Real Analysis class. The professor wanted all homework assignments to be typed in LaTeX in order to produce "high-quality" work. At first I was ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Online Whiteboard Application with Simple Latex Support

Like a lot of people, my school is in the position of having to move their courses online. Does anyone know a good whiteboard app that allows simple latex entry? The closest I've been able to find is ...
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5 votes
3 answers

If I want to pursue theoretical mathematics, especially Category theory, do I ever need programming skill?

I love Category Theory and I also love programming so I learn both of them in my spare time. However I find that programming takes up so much of my spare time. I reason that the less thing I can do ...
7 votes
1 answer

Looking for online abstract algebra courses making use of computer algebra systems

preferably areas of algebra of value and interest to computing practitioners. any level from introductory to (say) Grobner bases. preferably using open source computer algebra software. no preference ...
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4 answers

Integrate Coding into the Geometry Curriculum

My supervisors want to see coding integrated into the ninth grade Geometry class. This class is mostly concerned with proofs--not too much algebra. These students know a decent amount of the visually ...
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4 answers

"Calculators are so twentieth century."

Even though I studied maths, I became familiar with programming in my junior year at university. I'm indebted to the professor who encouraged me in that pursuit, as it provided me with an avenue not ...
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Mathematica in the classroom?

In this ( session Dan Meyer uses Excel, Google and Wolfram Alpha in a class (of teachers) for calculation. He himself uses them on a laptop projected for ...
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2 answers

Video editing software for math/science videos?

I've found some great advice on recording software, microphones etc. to create math videos with screen captured audio from my iPad showing my writing and audio so I can record and explanation. I ...