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Questions tagged [concept-motivation]

For questions how to motivate a mathematical concept (i.e., the motivation and examples of definitions, theorems, etc.) or general concepts of mathematics. Please use the [student-motivation] tag for questions about how to motivate students in general.

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Course materials for developing a mathematical theory from "natural questions to ask"

Educational setting. I'm teaching math courses - typically consisting of lectures, weekly homework sheets, and an exercise class where the homework questions are discussed - for undergraduate and ...
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Math websites/apps for high school students

I am undergraduate math student who is interested in being a high school math teacher. I have been given an assignment to present to my class (for a total of about 20 minutes) a teaching tool or a ...
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Finding the correct mathmatics based on application as opposed to the other way around?

I just tried to pitch a Math Recommendations site, and it was shot down because it is too broad and that Stack Exchange sites operate on a separation of concerns principle; which makes sense to me but ...
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Sketching paraboloids on paper

I have to teach sketching paraboloids on paper by looking at it's equation. Last year when I taught this topic no one was interested in learning this particular thing. They felt the topic difficult ...
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Is there a game or analogy for searching for a number $R$ that is multiple of some number $A$ but not multiple of another $B$?

$\DeclareMathOperator{\lcm}{lcm}$There are many applications for finding the GCD or LCM of two numbers. I'm now interested in finding anything that could be used to illustrate the following ...
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How can I introduce the idea of eigenvectors and matrix decompositions to a general audience in an engaging manner?

So I'm doing a freelance writing job, writing a script for a YouTube video about eigenvectors/values. It took me a while to decide what the focus was going to be, but I finally settled on focusing on ...
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