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7 votes
6 answers

Is there online geometric construction software that models physical constructions?

In this weird pandemic school year, I'm doubly interested in technology integration to help my virtual (high school) students as much as my in-person students. I've been particularly eager to get ...
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12 answers

How to give my students a straightedge instead of a ruler

I'm having a "challenge" in my geometry classes getting students to avoid using rulers as measuring devices in constructions. As natural as that usage is, they're only supposed to use them to connect ...
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5 votes
5 answers

Should the construction of triangles be taught?

Constructing triangles (or other shapes) seems to be quite an obsolete topic, and yet, they feature in almost every high school math competition, to disappear completely in college. In recent years in ...
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2 answers

Cross Sections Workshop

Next week, a workshop about the cross sections of solids will be held in our school, for 7th grade students. These are what we've decided to include in the workshop: Showing "Flatlad: The Movie" ...
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interesting/challenging geometric constructions for gifted secondary students

I have three students in my secondary geometry class that just destroy everything I throw at them. I tasked them with writing the word problems for their midterms and one of the three wrote simply "...
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4 answers

How Can I Motivate Geometric Constructions?

When starting compass and straightedge geometric constructions in my grade 8-9 maths classes, I usually begin by mentioning a little about Euclid and the fact that constructions have been done for ...
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