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When do college students learn rigorous proofs?

I teach in a regional university. In my department, students take their "proof course" (a course that sole focus on writing proofs) in the third or even fourth year. All the courses before ...
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Introductory real analysis before or after introductory abstract algebra?

What are the pros and cons for students of taking introductory real analysis before or after introductory abstract algebra, assuming they are going to take both? I recognize that the overlap between ...
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What should I learn after calculus?

I'm currently planning on taking AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics as a freshman in high school next year, and am looking to go into the computer science field. I was wondering what track I should ...
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Soft question: take complex analysis or cryptology?

I am math major junior considering math grad school. I need to decide whether to take complex analysis or cryptology this semester. Complex analysis seems to be a recommended course for people ...
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