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For questions about identifying, promoting, and fostering intellectual creativity in students of mathematics.

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Correctness in learning mathematics

I came to mathematics via physics, in part because of the reputation of physics as allowing "non-rigorous" reasoning. The subject felt more free and less anal-retentive than mathematics. This is not ...
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Reinforcement mathematics thinking of 10 years old child by teaching "patterns"

As Lynn Steen in The Science of Patterns says, I think Mathematics is the science of pattern ...
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Imbuing a six year old with a sense of mathematical wonder

My six year old started school a few months back and he's loving it. This first year is more about social skills than anything academic and I like that approach. But we're spending some time at home ...
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What kind of math will be mandatory in the future? [closed]

In mathematics education our primary focus tends to be how to approach the concepts we teach, taking for granted the choice of subjects that enter the syllabus. Traditionally, the way the standards ...
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Effects of early study of advanced books

Context: There was recently a question on Math.SE: Inferior to Other Younger and Brighter Kids which starts as follows: I'm a high school student (Junior/Grade 11) and I'm currently studying ...
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Creativity in mathematics

I have recently been engaging more and more with my creative side by drawing, writing, and (trying to) playing piano. I have come to see mathematics as much more of a creative field of study than I ...
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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

I am currently tutoring a few students in an entry level physics course and had some trouble recently when it comes to helping them with problem solving. The students I am helping don't have many ...
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Moving From Rote Learning To Creative Thinking

My mathematics education was essentially rote, you learned the formulas and applied them almost algorithmically to the problems you were presented with; the teacher dictated a method and you followed ...
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Jason Padgett's "Struck by Genius"

Can anyone comment knowledgeably on this intriguingly titled book? I have received publisher's promotional materials (as no doubt have many of you), but I know nothing about it. Jason Padgett. ...
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Descriptive Thinking vs. Formal Writing

Sometimes I come across some exam answers which describe a proof sketch or a counterexample very well but are not written formally. Such proofs show that a particular student understands the general ...
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How can creativity be incorporated into elementary school mathematics?

Creativity is the core of research mathematics. However, most introductory math consists of learning fixed rules to perform basic, essential mathematics. Thus, for many elementary school students, ...
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How can mathematics educators encourage innovation and creativity?

Almost by definition, innovation requires that things be done differently than established custom has it, and comes from the young more often than from the old. In a field as old and established as ...
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