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what could be some replacement language for the term "spoon feeding"

In some cultures, there is an expression of "spoon feeding" type of instruction, where the teacher shows how to do steps to a problem, and then students are assigned minor variants thereof. ...
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How should mathematics tests be designed? [closed]

I am speaking about high school mathematics . Students have attended a mathematics course . By the end thereof , students are supposed to be able to: find the limit of a real function f as “x” ...
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Is there research to back up the claim that math classes help develop analytical skills?

When I teach math classes, one goal I have in mind is to help students develop the cluster of thinking skills usually called analytical skills or critical thinking skills. And I think that math ...
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The spatial thinking course for primary school - what to use?

We're planning to run the project for first two grades of the elementary school kids, in which we want to facilitate the spatial thinking development along with the regular arithmetic course and make ...
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What would you recommend for the math thinking course for school?

We're going to make a new math course for kids as intermediary between middle and high school with math profile (for preparation to entrance exams to high school), and before the main part (arithmetic,...
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Tips and References for a 15 days Course on Math

I'm going to participate in a course (as a teacher) where I'm suppose to teach high school math to high school students in about 15 days during the year. Each class has about 1 hour long. Now, I think ...
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Acceptability of creative questions in assessments

I am a math teacher and I have been for a decade now. One of the foundations of my philosophical approach to teaching has to do with Synthesis. For the purposes of this query, I consider Synthesis to ...
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Long-form, multi-step, skills-integrating applied mathematics problems in calculus I, II, III

When recently teaching Calculus II to college students, I instructed my students to read and be ready to work through the first 8 or so questions of James Walsh's climate modeling differential ...
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What explains why a student can learn philosophy well, but fail in abstract math?

An undergraduate double major in math and philosophy, my cousin learns philosophy well, but she's failing her abstract proof-based courses (Group Theory, Real Analysis and Linear Algebra). Presume ...
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What exactly does 'abstract' signify in a course like Harvard's Math 55 (Honors 1st yr)?

Source: Logan R. Ury. Burden of Proof. Dec 6, 2006. Wikipedia on Math 55. While Harrison ultimately chooses to remain in the class, such conferences motivate several more students to drop, ...
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Critiquing Proof Style During Class

I would like to spend a day with my students analyzing mathematical writing. One way I might accomplish this is to offer multiple proofs (some good, some poor) of the same simple statement and ask ...
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Teaching students to find and correct their own errors

Many students have a fairly good grasp of the topics they are learning but fall down because they miss fatal errors in their work. Some don't check for errors at all, while many simply can't find them....
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Teaching Critical Thinking Skills

I am currently tutoring a few students in an entry level physics course and had some trouble recently when it comes to helping them with problem solving. The students I am helping don't have many ...
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