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Reason behind the dominance of particular countries in the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad)

I was watching the result of IMO 2014 where I found that China was on Top and USA, Russia were following China. This is not the exceptional case, you can pick the results of each IMO in some of the ...
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Mathematics Education and LGBT Community

My questions are about LGBT people's situation in mathematics. Is there any research to show any connection between people sexual orientation and their mathematical ability? For example showing that ...
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Political complications following from oral examinations in the British university system?

In an interesting (and, perhaps, controversial from some viewpoints) text Calling a spade a spade: Mathematics in the new pattern of division of labour, Alexandre Borovik describes changes in the ...
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Answering the Diversity Question for Mathematics Instructor Applications

As I apply for several other colleges who are hiring part time math teachers, I find myself wondering about this question as it is asked on ALL college instruction applications. Some of the questions ...
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What is it about the education of the Jewish people that has allowed them to produce such remarkable Mathematicians? [closed]

There are far too many mathematicians for me to name here, you only need to wiki a mathematician of note to find out he is Jewish. Are they taught to think logically and analytically from a young age? ...
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When to encourage students to read mathematical literature written in English (in non-English speaking countries)?

There is a lot of mathematical literature in some non-English languages (French, German, Spanish, etc.) that students from these countries don't need to read English literature (at least) for their ...
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