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For questions about contents, order, background, alternatives in curricula.

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Compare depth and scope of math syllabus between Malaysia's STPM, Gao Kao and A level

Are the math syllabi of these three exams comparable? Which syllabus' scope is wider and deeper? Which helps students to be better prepared for math in undergraduate level? I believe that A level is ...
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Where can I find a comparison of mathematical subjects taught for primary and secondary school around the world?

I have been searching this for a long time, but most of what I find spends more time on cultural aspects and what is expected from the teacher, etc. Perhaps this is really trivial to find, but I am ...
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What is the controversial 8th grade algebra mentioned on this answer?

An answer on this site mentions that it would be more appropriate to criticize Efforts to force kids to take algebra at lower and lower ages, such as attempts in California to make all kids take ...
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How is cooperative learning being used in vector calculus, and what are the origins of this work?

I'm doing some research about cooperative learning in vector calculus. It seems like what cooperative learning in calculus is referred to varies over time. In 1987, there was an MAA book, Calculus ...
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Please identify this American elementary textbook series from the 1950s

I'm reading a book chapter (written in 1992) about the teaching of mental arithmetic and estimation techniques in elementary school. The author refers to a particular series of books as "Out-of-...
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English version of the "Spécialité Mathématiques" French baccalaureate course (for a Ukrainian refugee)?

The highschool where I'm teaching welcomes a Ukrainian refugee who is in "classe Terminale" (ultimate highschool grade in France). The math teacher who has this student in charge is not that ...
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Which countries adopt metacognition in their official math curricula?

I know Singapore and Brazil explicitly adopt metacognition as one of their maths curricular pillars. The relevance of metacognition is recognized by OECD that has written a state-of-the-art report ...
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Are there any studies evaluating the impact of the Mathematics Vision Project?

I have found very little online that compares & critiques the MVP vs traditional curricula. Any suggestions & pointers would be welcomed. The MVP is an implementation of Common Core Standards ...
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Why is combinatorics not a part of the Tripos?

I do not officially study mathematics, so I always rely on what's on the internet. Specifically, I follow the schedules of the Tripos – the math program at Cambridge, supposedly one of the most ...
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Book or curriculum for teaching base-16 numeral system to elementary, middle, or high school children?

In 1862, John W. Nystrom promoted the base-16 (hexadecimal) number system, which he called the "tonal system": Project of a New System of Arithmetic, Weight, Measure and Coins: Proposed to ...
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Math curricula\programs or any experience using "The Road to Reality" as the\a primary textbook

Primarily a reference request, collaborator search-tips requests, and question-improvement request (including improveent by deletion and re-posting to more appropriate stack, meta, wiki, etc). Rank ...
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Is the AC Method of Factoring polynomials more popular and used by teachers than others methods of factoring polynomials?

This is an example of the AC Method: $ x^2 + 16x +63 $ (1) $x² + 7x$ (2) $9x + 63$ (1) $x(x + 7)$ (2) $9(x + 7)$ so we have: $x(x + 7)+ 9(x + 7)$ (1) with (2) The Result is: $ (x+9)(x+7) $ I have more ...
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