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Should I teach Laplace Transforms? How much?

My question is in the title. Let me elaborate and give some context: I'm teaching a first differential equations course, essentially for engineers, at the university. I'm developing the syllabus ...
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Why do we study ordinary differential equations?

What is a good answer to the question: Why should one study ordinary differential equations? I would give the answer: ODEs are used in many models to determine how the state of this model is changing ...
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6 votes
2 answers

A Plan for a Treatise Study of the Classical Theory of PDEs

The Plan In the study of any special issue in mathematics, two things may be of importance, namely, subjects and order of them. I just wrote down a plan to study the theory of partial differential ...
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Second Order Differential Equation Example Request

I am looking for some non-complicated second order differential equations to illustrate certain techniques for control engineering. It doesn’t matter if the differential equations are linear or non-...
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