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For questions about discrete mathematical structures and applying to courses with the title "Discrete Mathematics" or equivalent. Since this tag is fairly broad, consider using a more specific tag if appropriate.

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19 votes
2 answers

Emphasizing the discrete in early undergraduate education?

From time to time, I have come across course ideas emphasizing the discrete over the continuous, such as Peter Saveliev's Fantasy Math curriculum (update: see also his material on discrete calculus) ...
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Teaching logic through "high school algebra"?

I am going to be teaching a discrete math class in the fall. One of the major goals of the course is a solid understanding of the basics of logic: the precise meanings of "and", "or", "not", "implies"...
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21 votes
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Math Proofs - why are they important and how are they useful?

My 13yr old has leapt forward in math during the pandemic. He's taking discrete math right now but is running into a bit of a wall with proofs. I have a feeling he needs to find reasons why they can ...
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Is Calculus Necessary?

That title is a quote from Fred Roberts: Fred Roberts. "Is Calculus Necessary?" Proceedings of the Fourth International Congress on Mathematical Education. 1980. p.52ff. "Calculus is not ...
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Different approaches to proofs that "are the same"?

This question (and answers) on MSE got me thinking on simple examples of different ways of proving the same (hopefully somewhat interesting) result, as examples to be discussed on difference in ...
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Textbook to study group theory as a part of Discrete Mathematics

I am a student from CS background. I have been following "Discrete Mathematics and its Applications" by Kenneth Rosen, though it is a good book, but it does not cover group theory. I would like to ...
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