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For questions regarding the arithmetical operation of division. For question specifically concerning the use of fractions, please consider the (fractions) tag.

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17 answers

Dividing by zero

I was having a discussion with a friend and fellow mathematics teacher the other day when the topic of dividing by zero came up. She is the department head and had this in a questionnaire she gave to ...
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7 answers

How to teach quick multiplication and division in head?

I recently started giving maths lessons and it seems like I am at my wits end. My own background is: I'm a masters student in physics, already did several tutorials for younger students, especially ...
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4 answers

Is This Trick Helpful?

I am no professional educator; I am a student myself! But apparently I come up with useful tricks that help my younger brother do better in maths. I just want to hear your feedback, is all. My younger ...
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Determining the first digit of the Quotient using hand long division efficiently?

For instance in the following problem: _____ 48)4368 To determine an initial 9 for the first number in the Quotient, you ...
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