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Questions about severe difficulty in making arithmetical calculations, as a result of brain disorder.

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7 votes
0 answers

How to recognize possible dyscalculia in a student?

I am looking for input/advice regarding whether a student I just began tutoring may have dyscalculia - and, if so, how to go about broaching the subject / assisting them as best as possible. I'd ...
22 votes
4 answers

Dyscalculia and studying mathematics (as major)

I am a bit afraid to ask this, but the question has bothered me for some time now. I have a student in my analysis class having a medical certificate of dyscalculia. This entitles her to write tests ...
24 votes
3 answers

The impact of dyslexia on learning mathematics, and available resources

I have always loved the beauty of mathematics and physics. However I'm severely dyslexic and find it hard to keep numbers in my head, any more than 4 numbers at a time and they melt together and lose ...
12 votes
2 answers

Instilling a Growth Mindset in a Student Diagnosed With Dyscalculia

I have had two students so far with a documented disability called dyscalculia. However, I am a strong proponent in the idea that our primary goal as educators should be the development of something ...
5 votes
0 answers

Resources for teaching algebraic fractions to a dyscalculic pupil

I have a new student in math class (high school) since last month, and she's being diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. We are about to go into conic sections and she should be able to do some ...
13 votes
3 answers

Appropriate ways/sayings to discourage undergraduate students' overreliance on calculators

Main question: How do I, in a medium- to large-sized undergraduate class setting, appropriately and effectively discourage students from relying too heavily on calculators? There have been several ...