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Questions tagged [education-research]

Questions about education research are related to the various social scientific research work being done in areas related to mathematics education.

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What studies exist, comparing the efficacy of exercise sheets with or without worked solutions?

I've been tutoring mathematics at university level for over 10 years, and one of the more common requests from students is worked solutions for sheets of exercises. Most educators I've worked with ...
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Studies into the effects of having fewer classes per term

Have there been any studies done into the effect of having fewer classes per term on a student's comprehension of their mathematics course material? Also are there any examples of schools that have ...
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Research into the mathematical education of adults with no prior formal mathematical experience

I am curious about the experiences of people who had no formal mathematical training in their youth, but learned mathematics as adults. I imagine that there are a fair number of people in the US who ...
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Literature on skill transfer

Motivated by this other question I'm interested in getting to know the literature on mathematics skills transfer within itself. All I know is what I've read in David Perkins's book "Knowledge as ...
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Literature on teaching and learning probability

In an earlier question, the book Exploring Probability in School (2005) (Link) was mentioned. It gives an overview of the research on the teaching and learning of probability up to that point. Does ...
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Research into how students read algebraic expressions

In answering another question What is the justification to teach the (redundant) use of parentheses in multiplications? I was left wondering what we actually know about students' progression in terms ...
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How to control for numerical factor in mathematics education research?

I am going to carry out a small scale action research on ratio problems. I would ask the same questions in different ways and see whether wordings would affect students' performance. However, past ...
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Appropriate journals for case study article about teaching math to learning-disabled student

Many scholarly articles have been written about the relationship between low working memory and math learning difficulties. There's not much written about what to do about it. I would like to write ...
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Undergraduate maths research

I am looking for: an undergraduate research program in mathematics/theoretical physics offered online (e.g. via skype or something) given by a good institution which can be followed while attending ...
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Conferences dealing w/challenges of teaching higher level math to STEM audiences

I'm interested in knowing whether there are conferences that have, among other topics, the difficulty of teaching higher level mathematical concepts to folks with prior established skills in STEM, e.g....
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Studies on the effects of using online platforms in teaching mathematics on students' beliefs about mathematics

Are you aware of any research examining the impact of utilizing online platforms in teaching mathematics, on students' beliefs about mathematics? To give you an example of the kind of beliefs that I ...
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What effect does giving numerical or written grades have on learning?

When I was in school, pupils were given numerical grades, or the equivalent of numerical grades but disguised as words, on their performance in various school subjects and also behaviour. A key ...
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How many secondary-school students are working on achieving independent understanding?

If mathematicians and math teachers and textbooks in all cultures in all eras say that a certain theorem has been proved, then the reasonable layperson trusts them. At the same time, a student who ...
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What are differences and the examples of syntactic knowlede and substantive knowledge in mathematics?

There is a distinction between substantive and syntactic knowledge particularly in mathematics. There are several definitions for both knowledge. However, what are the indicators and the examples of ...
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Search for educational articles

I am looking for articles in French preferably (or in English otherwise, but my english is bad..) on the following topics: study of assessments made in class after a problem; phase of conclusion of a ...
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How long should we spend on teaching students the basics of subject?

Highschool-courses, at least in my country, are structured in a way that you tackle with a higher level of a given subject after some time constraint. So, after one year, you get to a higher class ...
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Relational understanding for a specific topic

I want to aproach the undertanding of the trigonometric function based on the concept of relacional undertanding, but I have problems to came up with and problemic situation for it. I mean I don´t ...
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