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Questions about education research are related to the various social scientific research work being done in areas related to mathematics education.

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Whence the "everything is linear" phenomenon, and what can we do about it?

$$ \color{red}{(a+b)^2 = a^2+b^2}$$ $$ \color{red}{\sqrt{x^4+y^4} = x^2+y^2} $$ $$ \color{red}{e^{t^2+C} = e^{t^2}+e^C}$$ I've observed this phenomenon -- wherein, implicitly, students say, "...
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What does math education research know about difficulty vs. effectiveness?

I've asked basically the same question previously on on math.SE, then cogsci.SE without much response, surely here is the place to ask this. As anecdotal evidence is plentiful, but unfortunately ...
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Teaching algebra to visually impaired or blind students

I am currently writing an independent project investigating the teaching and learning of algebra for students with a visual impairment. I am struggling to find literature specifically about teaching ...
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Propositional and predicate logic, with quantifiers: Is there any research when it is ideal to explicitly teach in mathematics education?

In terms of helping students to understand propositional and predicate logic, with quantifiers, is there any research regarding when it is most advantageous for students studying mathematics, to first ...
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"Function" vs "Function of ...": how much does it contribute to students difficulties?

Most textbooks I've seen (and teachers I've met, myself included) are rather careless about the distinction between variables and functions. For example, when we write $y=f(x)$ we all know that $f$ ...
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Discovery-based and inquiry-based learning

In general, I think (and I am told by students) that I am good as a tutor. However, I would like to become more rigorously familiar with the discovery-based and inquiry-based learning applied to ...
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Creativity in mathematics

I have recently been engaging more and more with my creative side by drawing, writing, and (trying to) playing piano. I have come to see mathematics as much more of a creative field of study than I ...
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Is the education system in Finland particularly good?

Inspired by this question: What makes education in Finland so good? Finland has marketed itself as a top country in education. Indeed, at some time, the Pisa results in Finland were quite good. ...
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What Math(s) Ed literature is accessible to the working math(s) educator?

This site is - as far as I'm aware - for what I would term working maths educators. That is, on the whole the users of this site are not researchers in mathematics education. Rather, we are the ...
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Learning Mathematics with the aid of spaced repetition systems

I am currently self-studying, so I learn using a textbook which I work through in a linear fashion. As I am introduced to new concepts I ask myself questions and I attempt to answer these questions ...
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Research on how mathematics skills transfer to other areas

Briefly: I am looking for research on the extent to which learning mathematics (let's say "college algebra" if we want to be specific) impacts problem solving skills, abstract reasoning, etc. Less ...
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What math courses should be taught to undergrad electrical engineers: a 40 years update

I was browsing IEEE xplore the other day and found this gem called "What Mathematics Courses Should an Electrical Engineer Take? A Report on the National Study of Mathematics Requirements for ...
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What research is there on the effectiveness of multiple choice questions for summative assessment?

This is perhaps the question that some thought Grading scale: how to handle multiple choice questions with different number of choices really was. I'm of the opinion that multiple choice questions ...
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What does the research say about direct instruction vs. student centered approaches

I have heard contradicting views that both parties say are research based. Specifically, I am looking for research on which teaching methods (direct instruction or student centered approaches) are ...
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Mathematics and the hermeneutic circle

Many students, teachers and parents view problems as confrontational. Many students develop a self concept in mathematics based on failed attempts to easily win such confrontations. This leads me to ...
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Book recommendations on mathematics education focusing on geometry

I will be teaching Euclidean geometry to future teachers, and I am feeling a bit lost (I know geometry, but I am not that familiar with mathematics education). Is there some recent (as concise as ...
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Studies about group tutoring sessions

I’m not sure if this question belongs here, so I apologize if it doesn’t. I work in a tutoring center at my university where we tutor every subject. Mathematics is in high demand, and occasionally my ...
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