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For questions about examples for some mathematical subject – usually for purposes of motivation and illustration.

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Examples of multiple induction

It is easy to find/construct cases that can be proven by nested induction, i.e., some variation of the theme to prove the statement $P(m, n)$ you prove $P(1, n)$ by induction as a base case for $m$, ...
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What is a less anglo-centric collection of persons than Andy, Beth, Carl, Debby and Earl?

These five imagined persons have accompanied me for some time. We've had a bunch of laughs and a few tears. I love them dearly. That said, I'd like to retire them in favor of a more culturally diverse ...
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The propagation of the wave equation in even versus odd dimension

I am about to teach a second year undergraduate class on applied differential equation (first time) and, while I won't have time to go into the details, I wanted to show my students the difference ...
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Do you avoid examples or test questions that showcase an algorithmic plug'n'chug approach?

If we accept that there's not much learning from doing the "same" questions, like find the derivative of $x^2$, and $x^3$, and $x^4$ due to the algorithmic way of how it's done, then what ...
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How do you teach the order of a series of events?

I’m looking for research-backed methods for teaching which order a series of events are in. Notably, ordinality in my case is far more important than cardinality. Even better if the technique allows ...
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