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Grading questions ask how to properly, effectively, and fairly assign grades to assignments/exams/quizzes.

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Seeking Advice on Incorporating Online Discussions into Course Grading

I've been utilizing for facilitating math and logistics discussions in my course. Its support for LaTeX and hand-drawn illustrations has been convenient. Typically, students post questions, ...
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How must the "ungrading" idea be adapted to work in a math class?

After seeing no direct responses to this question, I'll instead be more direct myself. Ungrading is a buzzword being tossed about for assessing students' progress without focusing on quantitative ...
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What effect does giving numerical or written grades have on learning?

When I was in school, pupils were given numerical grades, or the equivalent of numerical grades but disguised as words, on their performance in various school subjects and also behaviour. A key ...
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Looking for specific feedback on my feedback

First post here. I've just been reading up on giving good feedback, and decided to do some feedback on an assignment that was due today (secondary school calculus). I've been trying my best on it but ...
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Peter Liljedahl "Thinking Classroom" pedagogy: what is evidence for its effectiveness?

Peter Liljedahl discusses a lot about "thinking classrooms". There is research and books, which show, that his methods transform classes from "non-thinking" to "thinking"....
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How to grade a flipped class to improve participation and attendance

A flipped service course for me is an arrangement where videos are online and on-campus class time is used for problem solving by students. I usually have a homework due date the day after the ...
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