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Use this tag for questions about teaching graph theory. Here a graph is a collection of vertices and connecting edges. Use (graphing) instead if your question is about teaching graphing or plotting functions.

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An intuitive (non rigorous) text book on graph theory which is student friendly with vivid illustrations

Background Hello, I am an undergraduate in CS. I would like to study Graph Theory on my own (self-study) for a competitive examination (named GATE). It is an examination for undergraduates and as such,...
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Is there any video lecture series on (UG level) graph theory (might not be specific on any books) but the video/content quality is like that of MIT?

Previously I had asked a question about something similar, but more constrained. But now I ask something more general. I just got hold of the Linear Algebra by Prof Gilbert of MIT and they are just ...
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Is there any video lecture series on Graph Theory which uses "Introduction to Graph Theory" by Douglas West? as the text

I am interested in learning graph theory, and from many resources I came to know that Douglas West's Introduction to Graph Theory is a good textbook. But since I am doing self-study, it is at times ...
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Start drawing a graph

I want to give to my students instructions/advises for drawing (directed) graphs (with few nodes, less than 15) in draft mode (before drawing final one on the official test paper). But I really have ...
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Content for a 40-minute lecture on graph theory for high schoolers

I'm due to deliver a session on graph theory for 16–17-year old students (UK sixth formers) as a taster of what studying mathematics at university is like. What would you recommend as content, and a '...
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toys/manipulatives for exploring graph theory

I was talking recently with my daughters about non-planar graphs, like $K_{3,3}$, $K_5$, and the 7 bridges of Königsberg. They got pretty interested in it, and seemed to catch on to the core ideas. ...
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Is "The Petersen Graph" by Holton and Sheehan a good text for graph-theory students? Any requisite knowledge for mastering the text?

This book has been recommended to me by a guiding hand/mentor mathematician when I showed interest in his field, and he seemed to really like this book however he doesn't really know me and my ...
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What are standard (or good) textbooks for undergraduate graph theory?

I'll be teaching graph theory this fall for the first time. The only undergraduate graph theory book I am familiar with is Doug West's book, which I like. But I'd like to consult some other ...
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