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Use this tag for questions about teaching graph theory. Here a graph is a collection of vertices and connecting edges. Use (graphing) instead if your question is about teaching graphing or plotting functions.

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What are some decent apps for Hasse diagrams?

What options are out there for software that supports interactively constructing, editing, and manipulating Hasse diagrams? Their semantics is significantly constrained, so garden-variety Let’s-draw-...
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An intuitive (non rigorous) text book on graph theory which is student friendly with vivid illustrations

Background Hello, I am an undergraduate in CS. I would like to study Graph Theory on my own (self-study) for a competitive examination (named GATE). It is an examination for undergraduates and as such,...
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Is there any video lecture series on (UG level) graph theory (might not be specific on any books) but the video/content quality is like that of MIT?

Previously I had asked a question about something similar, but more constrained. But now I ask something more general. I just got hold of the Linear Algebra by Prof Gilbert of MIT and they are just ...
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Is there any video lecture series on Graph Theory which uses "Introduction to Graph Theory" by Douglas West? as the text

I am interested in learning graph theory, and from many resources I came to know that Douglas West's Introduction to Graph Theory is a good textbook. But since I am doing self-study, it is at times ...
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Start drawing a graph

I want to give to my students instructions/advises for drawing (directed) graphs (with few nodes, less than 15) in draft mode (before drawing final one on the official test paper). But I really have ...
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Content for a 40-minute lecture on graph theory for high schoolers

I'm due to deliver a session on graph theory for 16–17-year old students (UK sixth formers) as a taster of what studying mathematics at university is like. What would you recommend as content, and a '...
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toys/manipulatives for exploring graph theory

I was talking recently with my daughters about non-planar graphs, like $K_{3,3}$, $K_5$, and the 7 bridges of Königsberg. They got pretty interested in it, and seemed to catch on to the core ideas. ...
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Is "The Petersen Graph" by Holton and Sheehan a good text for graph-theory students? Any requisite knowledge for mastering the text?

This book has been recommended to me by a guiding hand/mentor mathematician when I showed interest in his field, and he seemed to really like this book however he doesn't really know me and my ...
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What are standard (or good) textbooks for undergraduate graph theory?

I'll be teaching graph theory this fall for the first time. The only undergraduate graph theory book I am familiar with is Doug West's book, which I like. But I'd like to consult some other ...
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