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What were the applications of conic sections before Newton? [closed]

As I was being observed today, an administrator asked me for a practical application of parabolas. I responded by talking about objects in free-fall. Afterwards as I was re-thinking this conversation ...
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Has anybody used Mathematics in Civilization by Resnikoff and Wells or Journey through Genius by Dunham for a history of math class?

I'm teaching a history of mathematics class for master students in an integrated teacher training program. They have calculus and linear algebra plus a "proof" course and a geometry course, but most ...
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Teaching the History of Mathematics in High School

Is any time being spent on the history of mathematics in high school classes today? Few observations as a student - I had to discover Cantor many years after I was introduced to set theory. I had ...
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A companion on the Journey Through Genius

I find William Dunham's book Journey Through Genius is a great text to use in a History of Mathematics course, but I wish it had more textbook-like content, e.g. reading comprehension questions, ...
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