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Did Ramanujan prove any of his problems?

Ramanujan has given some wonderful theorems in number theory as claimed by the highest calibre mathematicians . As in the movie , the man who knew infinity we saw that Ramanujan gave very abstract and ...
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How should an educator answer a student who asks "Can this theorem be deduced in other systems of set theory?"

If the educator decides to handle the situation by declaring that the question is beyond the scope of the course, then would it be fair to ensure that the course description and course syllabus ...
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do you know a mind-boggling/curious historical facts that will inspire and attract young people?

I am trying to compile a list of mind-boggling/curious historical facts in mathematics that will inspire and attract young people (9–11 years old) to the discipline of Mathematics. Do you have one ...
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How does the average level of expected mathematical sophistication at high school level increase?

I remember reading an old calculus book (years 1920-1930) and in the preface it was portrayed as revolutionary because it was for high school students. Nowadays, that is not revolutionary, because ...
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What were the applications of conic sections before Newton? [closed]

As I was being observed today, an administrator asked me for a practical application of parabolas. I responded by talking about objects in free-fall. Afterwards as I was re-thinking this conversation ...
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Has anybody used Mathematics in Civilization by Resnikoff and Wells or Journey through Genius by Dunham for a history of math class?

I'm teaching a history of mathematics class for master students in an integrated teacher training program. They have calculus and linear algebra plus a "proof" course and a geometry course, but most ...
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Teaching the History of Mathematics in High School

Is any time being spent on the history of mathematics in high school classes today? Few observations as a student - I had to discover Cantor many years after I was introduced to set theory. I had ...
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A companion on the Journey Through Genius

I find William Dunham's book Journey Through Genius is a great text to use in a History of Mathematics course, but I wish it had more textbook-like content, e.g. reading comprehension questions, ...
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