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For questions about math education in the context of homeschooling.

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Primary/Elementary Math Resources for Homeschool

I'm a homeschool mom, my daughter is 7. She will be in second grade next year. I appreciate the different ways of doing math, rather than just stacking the numbers and adding/subtracting. I'm not sure ...
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Resources for math enrichment for home-schooled student

I taught a student last year who has since decided to home school. She was very bright and at 16 had already finished all of the math credits required by our district. This leaves two years for her ...
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Best rote high school algebra textbook?

I am looking in too getting a textbook for my son who I will be teaching algebra soon (homeschool). I don't like math, never did and am not very good at it. Quite frankly, my son isn't good at it ...
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Honors Level High School Coursework Curriculum?

My wife and I will be homeschooling our son and twin daughters. We're interested in adopting an honors-level mathematics curriculum for secondary students that culminated in calculus AB in 12th grade. ...
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