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For questions that (at least in part) are specific to India.

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Math dyslexia is a big problem for me. I lag behind my classmates

I am a 17-year-old secondary school student from India studying math, physics, and other subjects. I lag behind other classmates only because I work slowly when doing addition, subtraction, ...
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How to encourage grade 5 kid very interested in mathematics?

My son is in Class or Grade 5 in India. he really likes mathematics. Apart from school work, he does, website dedicated for math exercises of his class. he does those exercises relatively ...
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What do kids(6-15) need to know in Math to be able to understand Math easily and effectively?

I teach kids in a village and I was wondering if there is a list of Facts, Procedures, things, a kid 6-15 years of age should know to be able to easily understand things at his/her level of Math. ...
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Is there some standard method to measure the difficulty level of mathematics problems?

First off I apologize if this question comes out to be off-topic. I wasn't sure whether to post it on MSE or here. Lately I gave an exam named SSC-CGL. This exam is conducted every year in India for ...
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