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Practical experience with teaching differentials in freshman calc?

There is a well known essay by Dray and Manogue which argues that differentials should be brought back into freshman calculus, and that we shouldn't worry too much about choosing a specific way of ...
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A calculus book that uses differentials?

All introductory calculus books that I have seen spend most of their chapters on differential calculus talking about derivatives, with at most a short section defining differentials as $dy = f'(x) \, ...
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Which universities teach true infinitesimal calculus?

My colleague and I are currently teaching "true infinitesimal calculus" (TIC), in the sense of calculus with infinitesimals, to a class of about 120 freshmen at our university, based on the book by ...
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Should we "program" calculus students, like the physicists seem to want us to?

If it is true that we first learn to do things that we don't understand, should we regard teaching students mathematics as programming dumb machines with formal rules (to the greatest ...
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Evaluating the reception of (epsilon, delta) definitions

Both education researchers and mathematicians discuss the challenge of (epsilon, delta) type definitions in real analysis and the student reception of them. My impression has been that mathematicians ...
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Is there research for or against such an approach in teaching calculus?

Copying from Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus Thompson (2nd ed., 1914): CHAPTER I:TO DELIVER YOU FROM THE PRELIMINARY TERRORS The preliminary terror, which chokes off most fifth-form boys from ...
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Would teaching nonstandard calculus in an introduction calculus course make it easier to learn?

Nonstandard calculus is a reformulation of calculus that is based on infinitesimals instead of epsilon-delta definitions. Of course, people had tried to use infinitesimals in calculus before; in fact, ...
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Is it to the students' advantage to learn the language of infinitesimals?

A colleague of mine asked an interesting question reproduced below with his permission. It is reasonable to ask whether it is to the students' advantage to learn the language of infinitesimals - ...
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