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Should we avoid indefinite integrals?

I am very uncomfortable with indefinite integrals, as I have a hard time giving them a precise sense that matches the way they are written and the usual meaning of other symbols. For example, when ...
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How to give homework for integration techniques?

When I was a freshman in Mathematics we learned the usual integration techniques (lots of standard integrals, integration by parts, substitution, partial fractions,…). As homework we simple got a ...
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Should we teach trigonometric substitution?

This is the question that was not asked here. Also related is this question, but both presuppose that it will be taught and ask about how best to do it. My question here is, suppose we are designing ...
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How can I explain why numerical integration is easy, but symbolic integration is hard?

I'm asking about definite integrals that can effortlessly be found numerically by high schoolers using software. For example, $$\int_{-1}^1\frac1x\sqrt{\frac{1+x}{1-x}}\ln\left(\frac{2\,x^2+2\,x+1}{2\...
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How useful/useless is the indefinite integral [duplicate]

After having met yet another person confused by indefinite integrals today, I've finally decided to ask the community. Do you think it makes sense to teach indefinite integrals? My opinion is that ...
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