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How to let students answer a Moodle Quiz by typing (or pasting) LaTeX code?

Good morning, I use Moodle for Mathematics High Schools Students. They have to reply to questions by writing some short formulas. I've not yet figured out a way of doing this without installing ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Is there a blog platform that renders LaTeX well? [closed]

I've been using, but it renders LaTeX terribly! There must be a blogging platform that does a good job of this. Can someone recommend one?
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27 votes
10 answers

Should LaTeX be taught in high school?

This semester, I was forced to learn LaTeX for my Real Analysis class. The professor wanted all homework assignments to be typed in LaTeX in order to produce "high-quality" work. At first I was ...
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Online Whiteboard Application with Simple Latex Support

Like a lot of people, my school is in the position of having to move their courses online. Does anyone know a good whiteboard app that allows simple latex entry? The closest I've been able to find is ...
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