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For questions about math education at a liberal arts college. In the USA, this is an undergraduate institution with departments in humanities, arts, and sciences; that is, one that is not focused on a particular area. Students might be required to take a breadth of courses in a variety of subjects.

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8 answers

How do you attract more math majors at a liberal arts college math department?

It seems to me that we all might benefit from an answer to this question, since math departments must defend their performance within their institutions. I imagine there will be standard answers like:...
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10 votes
8 answers

What topics should be included in a course matching these specifications?

I posted this question on m.s.e., where I upvoted the two answers, both of which said rather little by comparison to what the question asks. Hence this present posting. Say you have a calculus ...
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Developing and fostering a Putnam group

I teach at a smallish (~2000 undergrads) liberal arts college. The math department is small and we have only about 8-10 majors per year. As far as I know, the Putnam exam has not been offered here for ...
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