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Questions tagged [limits]

For question regarding the properties and evaluation of limits.

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5 answers

How long would it take to teach proper limit calculations?

This question arose from discussion of this question. How long would it take you to teach typical undergratuate (calculus) students the difference between the following two calculations? $$\lim_{x\...
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Near-universal student mistake on $\lim_{x\rightarrow\infty}e^{x+1}/e^x$

On a recent first-semester calculus exam, I gave a bunch of limits. The student was supposed to use L'Hospital's rule if possible, or if not, explain why it didn't work and evaluate it by some other ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Interesting but very easy epsilon-delta problems?

I am teaching a real analysis class. Students in the class have inconsistent high school algebra skills. They now have a complete but tenuous understanding of $\varepsilon$-$\delta$ limits. I want to ...
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When should the limit be introduced?

Usually school children are taught fractions and decimal representations way before the notion of limit. So they must come to the idea that infinite decimal sequences like 0.999... are the same as an ...
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