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For questions about math contests, such as the Putnam competition, Math Olympiad, American Math Competition, etc. This might include questions about designing problems, or working with students to succeed at these contests.

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MathArt contest about Aesthetic Conformal Image Mapping [closed]

At the moment a MathArt contest is running about Aesthetic Conformal Image Mapping were individuals and classes can participate:
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Ideas for game-theoretic meta contest problems for HS students

$\text{Hi,}$ new contributor here. I am a teacher's assistant for a class in a Math Circle program for mathematically advanced high school (and occasionally a few middle school) students. I was ...
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Resources to qualify for AIME

I am trying to qualify for AIME this year and get a score of at least $5$ or $6$. (If anyone doesn't know, AIME is the American Invitational Mathematics Examination. You need to get a decent score on ...
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Hourly math contests online

You can play chess online anytime you want to, even against a human opponent of your level, even in hourly competitions. It would be nice to have the same thing in math, at least for kids. Everyone ...
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Is the AMC 10/12 Test the Difference Maker for Top Schools? What do Colleges Look for?

The AMC 10/12 test is a test used in a math competition for high school students. I have a few students that know LaTeX who are very young and are extremely advanced for their age in high school. As a ...
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IMO selection process in Pakistan

I have been searching for the International Math Olympiad(IMO) qualification process in Pakistan and I found out that students take the NMTC(National Mathematics Talent Contest) paper which to get ...
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Combinatorial problems which can be solved with polynomials

Can someone please post some (relatively easy, high school level) combinatorial problems which can be solved with polynomials (but not generating functions). Here is an example of one such problem: We ...
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Learn university maths or train for high school competitions: which is better?

I sometimes see people arguing against concentrating too many resources in high school maths competition (such as IMO) training. Their reasons they give are usually the following: Competitions are a ...
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Finland's performance on international competitions

Why it is said that Finland has a particularly good education system, but Finland's performance on international mathematics competitions is quite often at relatively intermediate level?
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Why are the contents of contest maths so different from contents of degree-level maths?

I wonder why topics examined in high school math contests are so different from the maths learned by those who are seriously studying a math major at a university. Firstly, contests like IMO, ARML, ...
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How to study for university level math olympiads and competitions?

I participated in some high-school-level math competitions, but I never invested much of my time in them at that time, something that I regret immensely. Now that I am an engineering grad student, I ...
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What can I teach a talented student who is enthusiastic about math?

I have a very clever student in Grade 7. Due to carelessness and English (which is not his native language), he failed the placement test and can't learn Grade 8 math (algebra 1) in school. School ...
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Reason behind the dominance of particular countries in the IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad)

I was watching the result of IMO 2014 where I found that China was on Top and USA, Russia were following China. This is not the exceptional case, you can pick the results of each IMO in some of the ...
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Which math subjects should I know well to tutor competitive mathematics?

I may one day be interested in teaching students who are preparing for, say, the IMO or other math competitions. However, I haven't found a particularly clear statement about exactly what material is ...
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How to prepare for Putnam Competition? [closed]

I am a rising college junior with major in the mathematics. I recently got interested to the contest mathematics through working with few Putnam problems in the real analysis and linear algebra, and ...
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Seeking Your Recommendation on Problem-Solving Books (preparing for Putnam)

E.S.E advisers, I am a college sophomore in US with a major in mathematics and an aspiring mathematician in the computation theory and cryptography. I apologize for this sudden interruption but I ...
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List of math competition problems by topic

I am working with a student who is very interested in math competitions, and I am teaching him Algebra I. I feel like doing competition problems related to a given topic is an excellent way to force ...
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Good resources for coaching for mathematics competitions (Highschool Level)

I'm teaching in China, and I have been told that I will be leading the students in mathematics competitions. I feel very ill prepared for this. I never did mathematics competitions in either high ...
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How can a Q&A contest help a math teacher to improve his/her students' understanding?

Students questions and answers reflect their thoughts. It is very important to teach them how to ask nice questions and how to answer them. In order to improve these abilities I would like to commence ...
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Developing and fostering a Putnam group

I teach at a smallish (~2000 undergrads) liberal arts college. The math department is small and we have only about 8-10 majors per year. As far as I know, the Putnam exam has not been offered here for ...
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