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Questions tagged [mathematical-analysis]

For questions applying to analysis courses: Real and complex analysis. Typically a higher and more proof-based level than calculus.

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What are your experiences with Buck’s Advanced Calculus?

I stumbled across the book when searching for rigorous alternatives to Rudin with some solutions. It’s an “old school” (1965) calculus text but, I think, covers similar material to Rudin in a more ...
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What is the point of using half range Fourier series for standard functions?

If we have a standard function, like $f(x) = x$ or $g(x) = x^2$, defined between $0$ and $\pi$, then why should we be interested in extending this function to give a Fourier series that resembles this ...
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A proof based Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra

May I know how can I teach a proof-based Multivariable Calculus and linear algebra as a single course? While there are quite a few known books in the field such as: 1) Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra ...
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Locus of the maximal turning point and the point of inflection

Suppose you have a carton that has the form of a square with sides of length a. If we want to produce a box out of it whose height is x we might deduce the following formula: $$V_a(x)= x(a-2x)^2=a^2 x ...
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Why are a.e. defined functions rarely mentioned in elementary books?

In any standard development of measure theory in several well-known textbooks, the use of almost everywhere (a.e.) defined functions are first seen in the statement of Fubini's theorem, which states, ...
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What is the text for "the other second-term course in analysis at MIT?"

My question comes from first few paragraphs of preface of "Analysis on Manifolds" by James R. Munkres, as excerpted below: A year-long course in real analysis is an essential part of the ...
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Which book to use concurrently with each of these mathematics texts?

I'm in search of a good book that I can read --- and recommend to my proteges to read --- along with each one of the following books. Topology by James R. Munkres, 2nd edition Introductory ...
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