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Math dyslexia is a big problem for me. I lag behind my classmates

I am a 17-year-old secondary school student from India studying math, physics, and other subjects. I lag behind other classmates only because I work slowly when doing addition, subtraction, ...
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Mental visualisation ability test for each age?

What are standard tests for mental visualization (image, representation) for kids? So far I know about mental arithmetics and spatial rotation tests. Is there any other way to check mental vision ...
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Is short division taught these days and if not, why not?

tl;dr I'm interested in opinions on short division. Below I discuss my experience dealing with young children and long division versus short division. For those that don't know of it, wikiHow has a ...
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Determining the first digit of the Quotient using hand long division efficiently?

For instance in the following problem: _____ 48)4368 To determine an initial 9 for the first number in the Quotient, you ...
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What's the word for addition and subtraction without borrowing or carrying over?

Is it regrouping? Upon googling it seems regrouping is borrowing or carrying over collectively. What's the word for not borrowing and carrying over? It's supposedly to train mental computation. ...
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Tricks for computing things in your head

There are quite a lot of tricks/shortcuts enabling doing calculations efficiently in your head. (One of them that came to me today is the "squaring a number ending with a 5" trick I wrote about in ...
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