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For questions related to the teaching of number theory, the part of mathematics concerned with properties of the positive integers.

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Source material to study number theory?

I don't know if this is the correct site to ask this question, but I felt it was off-topic on the Mathematics forum. I really like Number Theory and would like study some on my own. Which books should ...
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Should Euclid's algorithm be taught as rigid or flexible?

Euclid's algorithm is a way to find the greatest common divisor of two natural numbers $a$ and $b$. In the usual version of the algorithm one tries to find $p,q\in\mathbb N$ so that $a=pb+q$ and $0\...
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Number theory for self-study students: books and computer languages

Sometimes students will contact me, as my email is visible. This time, an undergraduate in Sri Lanka has no number theory courses available and is self-studying. My own experience is that it helps to ...
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Could students learn a lot more from school if they're only taught number theory until way later?

According to, when students get taught a concept when they're so young, they're ...
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