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For questions about effectively designing, giving, and assessing oral exams, where a student meets one-on-one with their instructor and demonstrates his/her abilities.

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Are there advantages to make students handwrite (instead of LaTeX typing) what they say in an oral exam?

In my university, in Italy, most professors want students (at least the undergraduate ones) to handwrite what they are saying in an oral exam. If I understood correctly, this is somewhat due to ...
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3 answers

Questions for Oral Examination in Mathematics

I am working on some research on implementation of oral assessment in mathematics classroom, and I was wondering are there any questions/problems/concepts in mathematics that can be only assessed ...
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1 answer

Political complications following from oral examinations in the British university system?

In an interesting (and, perhaps, controversial from some viewpoints) text Calling a spade a spade: Mathematics in the new pattern of division of labour, Alexandre Borovik describes changes in the ...
13 votes
3 answers

How to design a fair oral exam for >10 students?

Oral exams take place at two different points in during their study: As final examination to end their study (i.e., when the students have finished all necessary courses, they have an oral exam ...
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What are effective alternatives to a written math exam to evaluate knowledge?

Some students do not do well under pressure or testing situations and cannot demonstrate their knowledge of a math subject with a written exam. On the other hand, I think that students that do not ...
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Implementing oral exams

In the USA most mathematics undergraduate classes seem to base the final grade on the following items Homework / quizzes Midterms / exams. I believe that there can be a lot of value in oral exams, ...
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