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Questions tagged [physical-sciences]

For questions about teaching and motivating students who are engaged in studying the physical sciences, namely biology, chemistry, and physics.

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Literature on student understanding of assumptions

In a discussion with a physics lecturer he mentioned that one major area where students fail is understanding assumptions - for example, if we are interested in two objects hitting each other and then ...
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How to recognize possible dyscalculia in a student?

I am looking for input/advice regarding whether a student I just began tutoring may have dyscalculia - and, if so, how to go about broaching the subject / assisting them as best as possible. I'd ...
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Are there any fun toy applications of representation and character theory for finite groups to physics?

Representation theory has very deep ties with physics, leading to incredibly profound and admittedly cool results such as the classification of particles in the Standard Model via mass and spin by ...
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