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Which textbooks on College Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, ODE are written by world-class mathematicians?

For example, Trigonometry was written by Wolf-Prize winner Israel Gelfand, one of the top mathematicians in the 20th century. I am wondering if other world-class mathematicians have written textbooks ...
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How to help new students accept function notation

I am struggling to help some of my new precalculus students accept function notation -- something new to them this term. I am looking for strategies to help them adopt this new notation. Their main ...
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f(x+h) in the difference quotient

When teaching students how to compute the difference quotient in a precalculus or calculus class, we need them to evaluate the expression $$\frac{f(x+h) - f(x)}{h}$$ for various simple functions, like ...
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What deficiencies are present in Precalculus curricula that causes so many students to fail Calculus I?

At our university we now require one semester of Pre-calculus instead of one semester of Algebra and one semester of Trigonometry before you take Calculus I (for those who do not test into Cal I). ...
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Why do we teach that every line is a linear function?

Teaching my precalculus class today, I noticed something very simple that I hadn't taken into account previously. The definition in our textbook read: "A linear function is a function defined by ...
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Requirements to learn calculus

I always was non math background student and programming is my hobby. I was attempting to program code instruction given here. Since I don't know calculus I'm stuck. I would like to know what are the ...
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Functions, Domains, and Ranges in Precalculus

Possibly related, though of a different flavour. Background In most of the precalculus texts with which I am familiar, readers/students are given a crash course in set theory, handed the definition ...
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How can you elicit the $\log x = {\log} \cdot x$ error?

You know the error, when you're watching a student work through an algebraic calculation to solve for a variable trapped in the argument of a function, usually $\log$ or a trig function, and you watch ...
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Ideas for a 2 weeks project focused in polynomial functions

Right now I’m teaching precalculus in high school and I want to propose a project to my students about polynomial functions. They already know enough about quadratic functions and we study variation ...
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When discussing inverse functions, how can our notation and methods reinforce student understanding?

Yesterday in my precalculus class, I decided to teach students how to find the formula for an inverse function in a new way (to me). In this curriculum, they have already used the notation $f^{-1}(x)$...
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