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Teaching a Pre-Calculus Course using Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang

I am considering using Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang as the primary text for my High School Pre-Calculus course. My students have all spent a year working through the first six books of Euclid and ...
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How to introduce trigonometric ratios (HS) through a cognitive model?

I'm teaching a precalculus course and also taking a class on how to teach mathematics constructing a specific cognitive model for different topics. So, I have this assignment to build a cognitive ...
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Is the AC Method of Factoring polynomials more popular and used by teachers than others methods of factoring polynomials?

This is an example of the AC Method: $ x^2 + 16x +63 $ (1) $x² + 7x$ (2) $9x + 63$ (1) $x(x + 7)$ (2) $9(x + 7)$ so we have: $x(x + 7)+ 9(x + 7)$ (1) with (2) The Result is: $ (x+9)(x+7) $ I have more ...
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