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For questions about the mathematical education in the first years in school (ages approx. 5-10).

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Was math education following a western trend?

After some research on the recent history of math education in the U.S., from the new math movement to the beginning of the 21st century, I understood that the historic flow of the math education ...
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Shanghai math -- what is it, and how good is it?

Some schools in the UK are adopting English translations of a grade school math textbook from Shanghai. The book appears to be designed to work with a specific teaching approach, the only specifics ...
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Statistics for Primary School: Informal Inferential Reasoning

Is there anyone that is experienced in teaching Informal Inferential Reasoning in primary school? Mind to share your experience?
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Word problems written in past tense, present tense, or future tense

Does anyone have extensive classroom experience regarding the best verb tense to use when writing word problems at an elementary or middle school level? I have been writing some lessons recently and I ...
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Textbooks explicitly showing the injections for the sum of sets

Asking for methods to produce the sum of natural numbers from the disjoint union of sets, it seems that the obvious way is to use the general definition, as coproduct, of the sum of sets. The accepted ...
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Is there a name for 'simple' two-input-one-output word problems?

Andy has 4 apples, and then eats 2. How many does he have left? Beth drives for 3 hours at 80 km/h. How far did she go? Carl, Debbie and Earl earned $30 together shoveling driveways. How much does ...
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What effect does giving numerical or written grades have on learning?

When I was in school, pupils were given numerical grades, or the equivalent of numerical grades but disguised as words, on their performance in various school subjects and also behaviour. A key ...
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Why students do not notice sign of plus/minus?

My child in grade 3 often needs a reminder because in a task where he needs to do addition he would subtract instead of adding or v.v ignoring the signs given in a task. He would also forget adding ...
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Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) for 5th Grade

Are there any schools out there successfully using CGI with a 5th grade curriculum? Our students have poor number sense, and we'd like to remediate using CGI. I'd love to compare sequences of lessons ...
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Mental visualisation ability test for each age?

What are standard tests for mental visualization (image, representation) for kids? So far I know about mental arithmetics and spatial rotation tests. Is there any other way to check mental vision ...
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math syllabus US education system 1-12th Grade

Please share links to websites / pdf files containing syllabus in subject mathematics in US education system Grades 1-12. Thank you.
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