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How to teach pure mathematics to a well-educated adult who did badly in maths at school

My partner is a PhD student in philosophy and has recently developed a keen interest in learning pure mathematics. I am doing my best to teach her (I'm a pure maths PhD student myself) and it is ...
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How to structure undergraduate level private lessons?

I'm on a semester break and thankfully I was recently provided with an opportunity to hire any private teacher I like to learn even more math while on break. However, I don't really know how to ...
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Teaching a child time and hours in a digital world

My child, now four (soon five) years old, is interested in time, knowing what time it is and how long until something happens. We do not, at the moment, have analog clocks and a digital clock is not ...
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Teaching methods to make a weak student good at math? (particularly student from social science background)

I am currently teaching a high-school student, 1st grade Social Science. He is weak in mathematics. My initial strategy was to explain basic concept but with high repetitions, so that he can have a ...
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Teaching a very enthusiastic and bright 5 year old

I was asked to give extra lessons to a 5 year old boy who loves math (he says he likes 3 sports: football, swimming and math). However, I have never taught at this age and I am unfamiliar with the ...
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Teaching 100 x 100 times tables

First, why bother: I teach and play math with my son in the mornings. It's a lot about letting him enjoy learning, so the curriculum (my intentionally vague vision of how we'll proceed) is flexible. ...
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Do private lessons really help?

When I was in high school I explained a lot of things to my class mates. Later during the first time of my studies, I was hired as a private tutor. Although I was earning some money, I had very mixed ...
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