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Do you think with the advent of Desmos/GeoGebra, the Moore Method is more accessible to high school?

When I was a grad student, I taught a Calculus I course during the summer. Somehow I came across Robert Moore and I ended up reading his book which I connected with. Rather than being a great student, ...
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Requesting a Polynomial System of Equations

I am teaching a course in commutative algebra, and it includes a project where the students research on a particular topic, solve a small problem and present it to the class. I usually give my ...
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Lateral thinking in mathematics

Especially in mathematics, we give a set of definitions and rules, and ask our students to prove a particular statement or to solve equations or inequalities. By this kind of system we limit students ...
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Calculus problems arising from real research problems

I am visiting my in-laws for the holidays. My sister in law is a statistician. She asked me to take a stab at a calculus problem which was coming up in her research. The Lambert $W_0$ function is ...
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Multivariable Calculus Project Ideas

Next semester, I am going to teach a small section of advanced high school students a class of Multivariable Calculus (it's about 3-4 students that have completed AP Calculus BC). Multivariable ...
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Desmos Assignment: Make a graph that does this

I am interested in collecting/creating a compendium of lesson plans that are essentially just this. Lesson Plan: Appropriate for a precalc class and an algebra 2 course. Show the following graph: ...
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Quadratic modeling project with upward-facing parabola

I'm teaching a college algebra course and I'm trying to design a few projects that involve modeling with quadratic functions. So far I have two ideas that involve downward-facing parabolas (projectile ...
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