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For questions about reasoning in a system of two variables between which there exists a linear functional relationship.

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How can I explain ratio problems without talking about ratio?

My students haven't learned about ratio yet, but in the test, there are questions that relate to ratio. I'm not sure how to explain this kind of problem without talking about ratio. For example, ...
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Why are percentages part of the curriculum?

I was reviewing percentages with my son (US equivalent of 7th grade) and the more I dug into explanations, the less I could understand why they are taught. I understand how they technically work but ...
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Specific Intervention(s) for Middle School 'Place Value' confusion

I'm working with a middle school student (grade 8) who recently displayed a misunderstanding of place value in decimal numbers. The student believes, for example, that $0.125$ is bigger than $0.12$ in ...
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Advice needed to teach a problem about speed

I am currently helping a friend's child with his schoolwork. He is currently in primary school and being taught the topic of speed. I would like to give him the following problem as practice but I am ...
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How can I teach a $7^\text{th}$ grade student the concept of ratio and proportion

How can I teach a $7^\text{th}$ grade student the concept of ratio and proportion with the use of teaching aids ( such as models or Charts) . One of my friends asked me this question. One possible ...
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Failure to distinguish ratios from fractional or percent differences

Consider the following two problems: (A) Square 2 has sides that are longer than those of square 1 by a factor of 1.1. Compare the areas of the squares. (B) Square 2 has sides that are longer than ...
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The "water triangle" proportional reasoning task

(I previously asked this at The Mathematics Teaching Community, but I'm hoping it would attract further answers here.) The Wikipedia page on proportional reasoning mentions a "water triangle"...
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