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Appropriate journal for an article on practical mathematical teaching

I have recently finished working on an article on a subject that falls into the category of "practical mathematical (undergraduate) teaching" -- a set of concrete propositions and examples on a ...
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Appropriate journals for case study article about teaching math to learning-disabled student

Many scholarly articles have been written about the relationship between low working memory and math learning difficulties. There's not much written about what to do about it. I would like to write ...
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8 votes
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Where can I publish on an undergraduate course that I helped develop and teach?

I co-developed and co-taught an interdisciplinary course with several colleagues from several departments for junior/senior college students. This was a very interesting experience, and I am wondering ...
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Publishing of exams in internet [duplicate]

I am teaching Mathematics for undergraduate students at social sciences. I have two choices. I can publish all old exams with their solutions on my personal weblog or preventing students from ...
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What are some places to publish pedagogical articles about teaching undergraduate mathematics?

I've been looking for possible journals to publish an article about undergraduate mathematics pedagogy. A lot of math journals apparently don't publish articles about pedagogy, or require ...
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It is good to have old exams (with solutions) published?

What are the arguments in publishing or not publishing old exams? If yes, should they contain also a solution? Would you publish them directly after that particular exam or publish your old one's just ...
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Is it good to have solutions of homework published?

At a course at the university, the students have to do homeworks every week which will be graded and discussed in exercise groups. Is it a good idea to put "official" solutions of the homework on ...
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