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Ratio in Fractional Form [closed]

I have 3 puppies and 2 piglets. Can you that ratio be written in this fractional form 5/2? If yes, how would you describe this ratio as 5/2?
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Why are negative numbers introduced before quotients in the real number subsets?

This is a question regarding why the order of the real number subsets commonly used in the mathematics community is such: $$ \mathbb{N}\subseteq\mathbb{Z}\subseteq\mathbb{Q}\subseteq\mathbb{R} $$ Here ...
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Do any middle-school texts indicate that irrationality requires proof?

I believe that most middle-school math curricula have at least a brief section about irrational numbers, in which students are taught (among other things) that $\sqrt{2}$ is irrational and $\pi$ is ...
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Are there any mathematics based game apps which require students (between 10 - 16 years) to apply their maths knowledge to play the game

So, what we essentially mean is students will apply their knowledge on divisibility, factorization, prime numbers, lcm, gcf, decimals, fractions, etc to play the game. A somewhat different approach to ...
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Why do we teach the Rational Root Theorem? (high school algebra 2)

Main question: Does anyone have any good/interesting applications of the rational root theorem or ways to teach it that don't involve conveniently ignoring computer-based tools in order to avoid rote ...
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How to control for numerical factor in mathematics education research?

I am going to carry out a small scale action research on ratio problems. I would ask the same questions in different ways and see whether wordings would affect students' performance. However, past ...
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Why are fractions taught before negative numbers?

I'm not a math educator but I'm curious about this. Is this always true, or are there some schools/educational programs where students are shown negative numbers before fractions? Why is it done in ...
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Is there a base-independent term for numbers written out with decimal/binary points?

How can I refer to a number written out in its decimal expansion (e.g., 1.25) or binary expansion (e.g., 1.01) to distinguish it from a number expressed as a fraction? I am teaching students to use ...
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Percentage nature [closed]

In mathematical expressions, the internationally recognized symbol % (percent) may be used with the SI to represent the number 0.01. Thus, it can be used to express the values of dimensionless ...
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Why does the widespread erroneous definition of "irrational number" persist without being taught?

Among the mathematically ignorant one often finds a mistaken proposed definition of "irrational number", which says that it is a number whose decimal expansion does not terminate or repeat. The ...
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